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Greedfall Guide – Tips And Tricks For Newbies When Started


The Game Greedfall is an exciting 17th-century role-playing game that tasks the player with exploring a new world to find secrets and riches. While many RPG fans will be instantly familiar with its gameplay, there are a number of new concepts to be explored that need to be considered.

Sneak Attack Groups РGreedfall 

Greedfall 1

Enemy groups can be an initial problem by presenting an obstacle to completing certain side quests or gaining access to key areas. Just sneaking past them also causes players to miss out on important experiences and possible loot.

One thing to consider is bringing the group down one by one using stealth attacks. Players encounter a critical hit when performing stealth attacks so the player will be able to bring them down fast enough to not go unnoticed. It’s tedious at times and admits a little buggy, but it’s a great way to reduce a team to a more manageable size.

Faction Disguises

Greedfall 2

There are several factions in Greedfall and they all have different interactions with each other and the players. Initially, and as players make more decisions, certain factions will prefer players less and less and prevent them from accessing their valuable merchants and other services. This is probably a problem when completing a quest that requires entering a faction camp that hates your guts.

To get this, the player should be building faction camouflage. After defeating soldiers and important characters in a faction army, the player will gain uniforms and other disguises. They provide an effective means of sneaking into a faction camp without raising the alarm. Naut camouflage is an example of something players should pick up and hang up on.

Side Quests – Greedfall 

It’s easy to set external missions in this game. Players often spend outside quests to satisfy the main story and progress. In fact, it’s better to pump the brakes on the main story and chase those side quests.

The reason for this is that they often offer benefits that make the main story easier. Better equipment, a little more coins, or even just the experience can make all the difference in terms of an upcoming challenge. Another reason is that completing side quests afterward seems pointless because of the lack of rewards later in the game as the player gets stronger. It is better to do them early and make things on their own.

Keep Gear For Respecs


A solid strategy throughout Greedfall is to respawn the character every now and then. Players will find themselves appealing to different functions or certain enemies will require a different approach. Because of this, it is important to hook up powerful or useful equipment that may not be suitable for current playing equipment.

It’s tempting to offload it to buy more useful things at the moment. But there’s nothing more annoying than a character only to find out that the powerful hammer you’ve been selling for an hour is now perfect for new playstyles. Don’t keep everything, but if something seems powerful or handy but isn’t optimal for a current build, consider hanging it for future changes.