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Green Hell Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players

Green Hell

Green Hell

Green Hell is an exciting new open-world survival game that takes players into the middle of a dark forest and assigns them survival missions. As a beginner navigating the new system of hunger, parasites, worms, forest creatures, and hostile natives, it can be quite challenging.

Get A Spear – Green Hell

Green Hell

You are immediately thrown into a hostile environment with jungle creatures roaming around and hostile natives intent on defending their land. You need a weapon both to protect yourself from various terrors and as a tool to secure food.

Grab a long staff and use the crafting menu to craft a spear. It’s not much, but it beats getting hit bare-handed when a Jaguar pops up out of nowhere. It will also allow you to start fishing, which will secure you with some food soon. Be patient and one day you will have that Obsidian spear.

Collect Things

After building your shelter, you can start stocking up on materials and different items, but this is really a bad idea in Green Hell. In the beginning, you don’t have much inventory space and unlike many other games where your food spoils over time, there’s nothing more frustrating than collecting a bunch of fruit and watching it go bad.

Wait until you have a need or a project you’re working on, then start gathering what you need to achieve that goal. It takes some getting used to, but you’ll want that inventory space to open up when you come across high-value items.

Mark The Important Locations

Through exploring the world you will quickly learn two things, there are many important areas that need to be revisited and that everything is the same. In a game called Green Hell, it’s no surprise that it’s so easy to get lost or lose track of where things are.

Luckily, your character has access to a compass and a map that can be used to track the coordinates of each location in the game. When you find somewhere interesting, pull out the compass, mark the coordinates and you will find it much easier to locate it later.

Don’t Forget Sanity – Green Hell

Green Hell

When it comes to concerns like food, water, shelter, and safety, it’s understandable that sometimes sanity will drop. This is okay at first, but eventually, if it drops to zero, your character will start to hallucinate and those hallucinations can damage your character.

Therefore, it is important to start noticing sanity as it gets lower. A general rule of thumb is to try and avoid going below 50% as this gives a good buffer if the worst happens. Sleeping in bed, making a fire, and consuming good food will help you stay sharper.

Learn About Plants

Green Hell

Now that you have what you need to care for, you need to start figuring out what plants do. This is mostly trial and error, meaning you’ll eat random stuff and see what effect it has on your body. It sounds sketchy and it is true, but this is the only way to find out what is helpful and what is harmful.

You’ll also want to locate and start collecting Molieria, Waterlilies, and Orange Mushrooms. The leaves of the Molierna plant can be used for dressings, the water lily helps to detoxify food, and the orange mushroom helps fight parasites.