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Handbook For Becoming A Grenade Tycoon In CS: GO



Grenades are the most underrated but are essential items in CS: GO. Using them effectively and reasonably can become a decisive factor in life and death.

In fact, at lower ranks, gamers tend to rush to battle “vegetarian” skills without knowing how to use the weapons to support them.

Meanwhile, grenades are the most important thing at high ranks. Therefore, to improve your skills, not only good at aim, good at statistics, you must also be good at this weapon.

Types of grenades in CS: GO


In CS: GO, there are 5 types of grenades: HE (explosive grenade), Flashbang (stun grenade), Smokegrenade, Molotov / Incendiary Grenade (fire grenade), Decoy Grenade (bait grenade). Decoy and Molotov / Incendiary are new grenades added to CS: GO, they may be quite strange to newcomers from CS 1.6.

Some basic tips


Molotov (T-fire grenade) does the same damage on armor and armor, while the Incendiary (CT side) reduces damage to armor targets (though, Molotov is still cheaper than Incendiary 200). $)

When throwing Grenade on someone, you will cause impact damage. Although this damage is very small, it still has the ability to kill the target if the person is too weak health.

Each type of grenade has a different sound of impact (when it hits the ground, hitting a wall). However, Decoy sounds similar to Flashbang, you can rely on this to fool enemies.

HE Grenade does more damage if exploding behind the target. However, it is impossible to take down an enemy full of health and armor with only HE.

Another key difference between grenades compared to CS1.6 is the grenade throwing distance. Depending on the mouse click, there are 3 different throw distances:

Short distance (right-click): use very weak force. If you aim at your feet or run back, the grenades will fall right below you. This way of throwing is suitable to flash the opponent before peeking out or to release smoke most accurately.

Average distance (press both right mouse and left mouse: use medium force. The grenade will go an average distance before detonation. This throw method is used to throw when the opponent is not too far away.

Long-distance (left click): use the strongest force. This is the most basic way of throwing since CS 1.6. This can be thrown over the wall, bouncing off the wall, or being thrown into positions where you think your opponent is hiding.