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Heroes of the Storm: Greymane Talent Build Guide


Greymane is a thriving long-range assassin with a strong sense of aggression. With the ability to transform into a melee Hero to temporarily reveal another set of Skills, he offers unparalleled agility in terms of damage. However, his lack of defense and talent as well as a limited utility could put him down … in the hands of an unprepared player.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Greymane



  • Potent duelist
  • Decent waveclear
  • Explosive damage on demand unsurpassed
  • Excellent PvE damage output
  • Flexible selection can work in almost any layout


  • Provides no add-ons apart from crude damage
  • Low survivability despite having a reasonably sized Health group
  • Especially weak when playing “from behind”

Talent Build

Attack Build

Viciousness (lv1) – Wolfheart, Eyes in the Dark (lv4) – Thick Skin, Quicksilver Bullets (lv7), Go for the Throat (lv10) – Cursed Bullet, On the Prowl (lv13), Executioner (lv16) – Alpha Killer – Eager Wolf, Hunter’s Blunderbuss

Attack Build revolves around improving his basic attacks and sustained damage. Though it provides less waveform and explosive damage than its counterpart, it gives Greymane more sustained damage.

The blades greatly increase his damage and should be the choice in most games where you have any form of crowd control. If you don’t have a lot of Skills to activate a Blade in your team, Alpha Killer is a great choice for extra power in teamfights, while Eager Wolf is better in PvE.

Worgen Build

Viciousness (lv1) – Wolfheart, Thick Skin (lv4) – Eyes in the Dark, Wizened Duelist (lv7), Go for the Throat (lv10) – Cursed Bullet, Unfettered Assault (lv13) – On the Prowl, Alpha Killer (lv16), Tooth and Claw (lv20) – Unleashed (lv20)

As its name suggests, the Worgen Build is completely focused on dealing high damage like a Worgen. This build might not be as reliable as the Quicksilver Bullets, but it has much better kills and explosive damage in melee form.

Considering how this build has some Talents requiring Greymane to play the Worgen role in battles, so usage would be much riskier. We don’t recommend using this Build against Combination with good single target damage and some crowd control tools to punish you. On the other hand, this build offers excellent chasing, diving, and a good way to dodge skill shots with Unfettered Assault.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

His amazing amount of damage will match anything that can improve his Attack or increase his stamina while in Worgen form. Otherwise, a strong initiation and presence in teamfights will help open up opportunities for him to knock out heroes that are out of place. He also has good synergy with Malthael, as Cursed Bullet is excellent with the Last Rites.

Countered by:

As an assassin with a rather aggressive playstyle, Greymane is susceptible to any form of crowd control. Given that Basic Strike is his main source of damage, he is also greatly hampered by any form of a debuff that can blind him or decrease his Attack speed.

Maps of Greymane

His outstanding single-target DPS makes him particularly powerful on the Map where many of the Mercenary Camps need to be captured. Outside of this point, his relative comprehensiveness doesn’t make him particularly effective or weak anywhere, although his lack of self-propensity may make him unsuitable for a solo laner. in front of some better hands.