July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

Griffin and Potluck outstanding performances at LCS Lock In



As teams scrambled to fill out their rosters for the event, the LCS Lock In tournament, Griffin was full of replacements and stand-ins. This meant that a few teams were without their starting junglers and had to substitute the group stage of the tournament for their academy counterparts.


Raymond “Griffin” Griffin, formerly known as Wiggly, and Joseph “Potluck” Pollock, of those who were shuffled in, outpaced the expectations that many fans had going into the event.

Griffin ‘s performance with CLG

Ahead of him, Griffin had a tough task going into the tournament. Unfortunately, as the team was the first to be eliminated from the playoff bracket, he couldn’t bring CLG over the finish line. He did, however, perform surprisingly well for a player who this past offseason was degraded to the academy roster.

In addition to his first match against Team Liquid, Griffin was competitive for all his matches in the early match, securing early goals or contesting them accordingly. His outstanding game was the only victory in the team, but he outperformed his opponent in 100 Thieves. 

By the end of that game, over 1,000 more damage had been done by Griffin and more dragons and barons had been secured.

With a 2.3 KDA, he completed the event and was a far cry from the ineffective jungler that he was towards the end of the last split. As CLG prepares for life without Mads “Broxah” Brock” Pedersen’s, who is stuck overseas due to visa and travel complications, Griffin will be given his place to demonstrate to the organization and other teams that he can still perform at the highest level.

Potluck’s performance with Immortals

Potluck began in place of Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir, who is still overseas, too. At the beginning of last summer, the Canadian was given the starting spot but was quickly pulled after some poor performances. In this case, he was put into a difficult start, facing Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, both of whom have former MVP junglers in their squads.

He was sadly outclassed in both of those games, with no objective control and a low KDA. But Potluck did shine even more in the squad’s matchup against Dignitas. 

Potluck went deathless in that game and secured for his team four dragons, two rift heralds, and one baron. The remarkable performance put his KDA up to 3.3 and moved his participation in killing to over 70%.

As a young talent, he showed some genuine promise, even if he and his bottom lane stood in it. Potluck was the driving force around many of the proactive plays of the team around the map, even in Immortal‘s losses.

These two players have had time in the LCS and in the past have not had their best showings. But these recent performances have shown their strengths in both wins and losses, and when other organizations, or their own, are searching for a new jungler, they could really put them on the map.