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Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Find Guardian Items

Guardian items

Learn more about the galaxy and your fellow guardians with the Guardians of the Galaxy Collection (or Items). Unlike the numerous text notes scattered across each chapter, Guardian Items can be quite difficult to find. They’re often hidden in niches you wouldn’t normally see, and finding them boosts your bond with the crew – seriously, finding items opens up additional conversations.

How To Find All Guardian Items

Guardian items

Guardian Items are special collectibles stored on your ship. You can have unique conversations with the characters after these items are found and returned to the ship. To unlock all Galactic Entries, make sure to revisit all the items you find in your ship.

For finding Guardian Item / Composite Entry you will earn the following achievements/trophies.

  • Attentive Captain: Find half of the Guardian Collectibles.
  • Management Skills: Find all Guardian Collections for One Guardian.
  • Lore Hoarder: Collect 65% of all Galactic Compendium entries for each category.

As long as you find the MOST (not all) items and outfits and collect all the storage you can find while exploring, you will earn all the achievements/trophies brand.

Chapter 1 – 5

Guardian items

Chapter 1

  • Ravager Comm Bracelet: After the Star-Lord falls to the deck, you’ll have to find another route to get up and back. Crawl through the nearby vent after getting up and smashing the eggs in the corner to find this item.
  • Spinal Control Unit: In the mining equipment area, where Star-Lord describes his surroundings to Drax. Go on the path to your right, then turn right again to find the old metal stack that you can jump on, leading to a high pedestal. Blast the eggs in the corner to find the item.

Chapter 2

  • Broken Translation Device: Enter Nikki’s secret hideout, look behind the crate 2-3 steps up on the right wall, under the computer screen.
  • Nikki’s Personal Device: Collect this by chatting with Nikki in the elevator. Stand with her and she will eventually give you this device.
    • This collection is required to unlock more collections in Chapter 7.

Chapter 3

  • Chitauri Sea-Cuffs: In a large open area where Guardians discuss refugees and war, stop at the vent and look left. There was a scratched wall that Gamora could cling to. Shoot down the big box after climbing up.
    • Order Drax to pick it up and move it to a high ledge a little earlier following the path to the right. From above, go towards the hole and look down and to another cliff, you can jump down.

Chapter 5

  • Cold Case File: Enter the large (and empty) Nova Corps control room, go down the steps at the entrance, then look to the left of the control panel, on the ground next to a cooler water.

Chapter 6 – 7 – Guardian items

Guardian items

Chaprter 6

  • Knowhere Lottery Ticket: Reach the higher levels of the vast explorable city section. At higher levels, look for an egg-shaped vendor with a three-dimensional blue face. It sells tickets. Buy one for 1,000 pcs.
  • Nova Force Lock Disabler: In the city, walking along the street from the ticketing agent, you can also find a rat-like vendor behind a kiosk. From here, you can buy Nova Force Lock Disabler for 1,500 units.
  • Collector’s Emporium Ticket: You can’t miss the Collector’s Gallery. At the entrance, there is a strange machine with an alien inside. It sells tickets for 5,000 pieces each.
    • After purchasing the ticket, you will receive 1 of 3 different dolls. You will receive 1 pass through each chapter. Use the ticket at the doll vending machine that is far from the city to get your random doll. To get them all you will need to replay this level two more times.
  • Collector’s Emporium Doll: Go inside and you can buy the green doll for 2,000 units at the station on the right.

Chapter 7

  • Drax’s Rap Sheet: Inside the red-lit hallway, use Nova Lock Disabler on the door to get to the Workbench area. Shoot the piece of junk off the wall on the right, then squeeze in. Keep going down the path until you reach a dead end with a text file.
    • Turn around and look up. Shoot the mouse to drop a crate and climb up. On the upper level, you will see yellow crates to your right. Look into the dark corner behind them to find the item.
  • Chewbacca Toy: Return to Nikki’s secret hideout. Unlock the vent and bring Rocket inside. When you enter the smaller room, Star-Lord will automatically find this item.
  • Galactic War Commendation: In an office covered in frenzied doodles, look behind the flagpole in the back left behind the desk.

Chapter 8 – 10 – Guardian items

Chapter 8

  • Deep Mine Device: After exiting the large control room where Rocket messes with the terminal, head down the aisle through the open door until your team leaves. At this corner, jump on the big chrome ring device on the right to reach higher levels. At the top, you’ll see this device on the floor.

Chapter 10

  • Mourning Candle: At the beginning of the chapter, after passing the waterfall and reaching the red rock cave, you and the group will drop down a ladder and continue forward. Look left for a narrow path that Star-Lord can squeeze into before continuing.
    • Jump and crawl over the crystals. The candle is at the top of the ledge.
  • Meditation Stone: In an underground room with light coming in from a hole in the ceiling, use your ability on the right rock face to move it. Clear the gunk blocking the path inside the rock face. Go through the devices that emit toxic gases and to a ledge overlooking the room you just stayed in. The item is on the edge.

Chapter 12 – 13

Chapter 12

  • Glarnot Mask: Return to Knowhere, return to the Collector’s Emporium and slide down the wrecked ramp. At the bottom, turn left and clear the poison emitted. Jump on the platform that was previously covered with poison mist to collect this item.

Chapter 13

  • Xatar’s Blade: In the ice pyramid canyon, clear the bugs and follow Gamora across the Groot Bridge on the left. Immediately after crossing, command Gamora to use the scratched stone wall on the right – climb up to find a broken sword at the top of the cliff.
  • Deeproot Plant: Into the forest where the Guardians talk about Warlock torturing Raker, head right and look at the snow-covered rocks at the edge to add this item to the Guardian items collection.