April 14, 2021


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Guide Jax build Season 10 – the Rune and how to build Jax Jungle

Jax build

Jax build

Instructions on how to build Jax Season 9 guide Jungle and the Rune board for Jax build recombine the most powerful equipment, sp build full ap damage of high pro order increase the skillset, add magic support the latest combos Jax combo skills in the game League of Legends LOL.

Jax build

Rune Jax 

Rune Jax build – Used Much

Jax build


Rune Jax -Jungle

Jax build

Rune Jax – Jungle 2

Summoner spells for Jax build

Jax build
  • Jax is a strong fighter champion in the top lane as well as jungle in the present time. Jax is used by many players because of the good ability of solo duels, as well as solo push.
  • Moreover, at the end of the game with full equipment, Jax is extremely good with only a few combo combos to see the opponent on the score board, few champions can solo fight against Jax.
  • Flash ​​+ Teleport: the most standard complementary duo for Jax on the Top, Burning will give you a better snowball lane, Smite: default for Jax to go to the Forest

Jax ‘s strengths and weaknesses


  • Ability to stack damage a strong target
  • Maneuverability is quite high, chasing the target and running well
  • Deal a mixture of physical damage and magic, making it difficult for enemies to choose against
  • It is the essence of the generals who need to fight often
  • A champion pushing the road, pushing the pole extremely fast
  • Damage increases with time, the stronger towards the end of the game


  • The ability to clear the early game is a bit slow
  • The amount of damage in the early stages is quite low, making it difficult for Jax to gank
  • Initially quite energy-consuming, sometimes flying kites
  • Only really strong from level 6 onwards.
  • The only ability to control is E, has a long cooldown, so it needs to be used properly

Jax  skill table

Ordering skills build  max Q -> W -> E => this is how Jax uses a lot.

Jax build

Empower W – W: will be maxed first, as this is the main source of damage for the holy god and to regenerate basic attacks. Leap Strike – Q: Has a better ability to deal damage than W and helps Jax to approach the target well, but the cooldown is quite long and does not give the ability to regenerate the attack, thus raising the maximum second after W. Counter-Strike – E: just take 1 point at the beginning of the game to be able to control the stun and evade the amount of damage from basic attacks. Grand Master’s Might ultimate – R takes exactly the same level as Jax.

How to build Jax  – Jax build

Starter items for Jax build

  • how to build With Starter items Jungle
  • how to build Starter items Top
Jax build
  • how to build Jax Starter items Shoes

Should choose Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads with a little bit of resistance will help Jax stronger when traveling as well as ganking phase, add a little magic resistance and reduce the time of adverse control effects help Jax turn better in fight.

Main items for Jax build

  • how to build Jax With Top 
  • how to build Jax Jungle
Jax build
  • Trinity Force: no need to argue this is a must-have equipment that must not be missed by Jax, and get on the item as soon as possible, if the Top priority goes to the top, or right after completing the page Going to the Forest. The Trinity Force brings a lot of benefits: the ability to deal damage on the attack, the amount of attack speed, the ability to increase movement speed or health, energy all are what Jax needs.
  • After completing THK, Jax’s W hits will be extremely lacking and much damage.

The optional items Jax build


Check out some ways to pack up Jax build, how to build Jax 6 fully equipped late game.

How to build Jax Jungle

This is the full set of how to build Jax equipped with the most standard Jax build.

Jax build
  • Jax’s full jungle equipment, with Jax, the Triple Sword is the most important traumatic equipment. Since Jax is usually a champion that must rush into fights as well as when ganking, the Mercury Treads + Sterak’s Gage will be a good choice. Activation of Randuin’s Omen, Spinning Stun stuns enemies and causes as much damage as possible. Guardian Angel will help you revive in case of enemy defeat.
  • If you want to increase the ability to clear the jungle quickly, to have more time to gank to support your teammates, go up: Ax Tiamat and then will turn into Titanic Hydra. Titanic Hydra: turning Jax into a monster, it makes it easier to activate the passive of the third attack last combined with Power, Jax can vaporize the AD champion in paper area. switch if accessible.

How to map to the forest to fight with Guinsoo’s Regeblade, pushing the pole to break extremely fast. Guinsoo’s Rage: with mixed damage, both physical and magical power, makes it difficult for opponents to build counter, especially the stacking speed -> helps Jax become a solo fighter. Master battle.

Jax build

In addition, you can also choose Stalker’s Blade – Cinderhulk => to increase resistance to Jax in the first place. If the opponent has a strong Mage, many control skills: choose Spirit Visage or adaptive Hat.


Jax build


How to build Jax TOP

How to build to the SP is as follows.

Because Jax’s ability to farm troops is a bit slow, selecting Ax Tiamat and then becoming an Ax of the Snake will help Jax’s ability to clear the path of soldiers faster. 

Jax build

or How to build a Jax team weight solo top Carry late-game strongest, can solo with any champion

The traditional Jax top map with the injections of the Blade of The Ruined King and hammer is still very strong both in the laning phase, in solo combat as well as in teamfights.

Jax build

or Jax Top full AP


Above, we have shared the Rune Table reorganizing support for season 10 and some ways how to build Jax‘s map for your reference. Wish you climb the rank of ganking team success with The Grandmaster at Arms in the justice arena.