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Guide Lucian Season 10 – Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Instructions on how to play on Lucian season 9 guide Ad lethality and Jade board complement Lucian recombining the most powerful equipment, top Lucian build full damage of high pro order increase skill sets, add magic spells The latest Lucian countering skills in the League of Legends game

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

The Rune table recombinant Lucian

Lucian AD and used for all other lanes like Mid, Top

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Rune Lucian PRECISION -> Press The Attack -> Triumph -> Legend: Alacrity -> Coup De Grace.

Lucian Crit combo board

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Lucian Mid recombinant

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Lucian’s position

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Summoner spells for Lucian

Lucian is a very mobile and capable laner in the early stages of the game, and extremely flexible in building equipment, moreover, he is quite versatile in many different positions. like Mid or go Jungle. If choosing mid-Lucian is a very bold decision, and the top should be a hero with magic damage to balance the damage of the team.

Healing: Complementary spells are almost the default for ADCs at the present time providing defense for themselves as well as allies. Flash: This is an additional spell that almost all generals choose because of the ability to close the gap in chasing or escaping situations. Smite will be used for Lucian going to the Jungle, Teleporting to the top position. Egmite will increase the ability to override Luc and Solo Q for Lucian right from the early levels with Lucian going MID.

Lucian strengths and weaknesses


Extremely high mechanical strength:

Lucian is also capable of cleaning up good troops

Ability to put impressive damage early and mid-game.

Not afraid of the generals to endure


Sniff range is short, does not fight as well as other ADCs in the late game

It needs to be quite fast and able to hit and move well to be able to take advantage of Lucian’s skillset

Towards the end of the game: In order to inflict damage, Lucian must use many skills and keep his position carefully because the range is no longer high when losing the cannon effect.

Skill table of Lucian

Order of lifting Lucian’s skills is used a lot: Max Q -> E -> W

Piercing Light (Q): This is Lucian’s main damage skill so it will be maximized first, while also helping to clear the soldiers faster. This will then go up to the 

Relentless Pursuit (E): to reduce cooldown and energy, combined with the equipment that makes Lucian extremely mobile. 

Ardent Blaze (W): is a skill that deals little damage and mostly magic damage, thus adding ultimate. 

The Culling (R): lift to the right of Lucian.

Passive – Lightslinger

Whenever Lucian used a skill, the next shot would fire two bullets.

Piercing Light (Q)

Lucian shoots a ray of light through a target, damaging all enemies in a line that deals physical damage.

Ardent Blaze (W)

Lucian fires a bullet, which will explode in a star shape, imprinted on the enemy. Lucian gains Movement Speed ​​when attacking those ill-fated units.

Shoots a bullet, which explodes on contact with an enemy or flies to the maximum range. The explosion deals magic damage and imprints on enemies for 6 seconds.

Damage affected units will increase Lucian Movement Speed ​​for 1 second.

Relentless Pursuit (E)

Lucian skimmed a short distance. Attacks from the passive of the Sniper will reduce the cooldown of the Relentless Pursuit.

Surf a short distance.

Whenever attacks from the Lightner passive passively hit an enemy, the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit is reduced by 1 second (doubling to 2 for enemy champions).

The ultimate – The Culling (R)

Lucian released a blast of bullets from his weapon.

Lucian can move freely while continuously firing bullets in a single direction for 3 seconds. The bullets in contact with the first enemy hit, dealing 20/35/50 (+) (+) damage per bullet. The Culling deals 400% damage to minions.

Lucian can use Relentless Pursuit to kill him while using the Inquisition.

Reactivate The Culling to cancel earlier

Lucian build

Beginning items for Lucian

Lucian build usually has two main directions: Physical Damage and Crit

1. Lucian Crit: This is the Lucian style of play that is favored and used quite a lot, because of its ability to deal superior damage and promote strength quickly – this way can be applied to both AD and go to Mid.

2. Lucian Physical Damage: At present, gamers do not play this way, but the efficiency is not inferior.

3. Lucian AP: for those who like to change the wind, break the way – although it is AP, the damage is also very strong.

Optional items for Lucian – Lucian Build

Lucian build – AD / Mid / Top

Blade of the Ruined King: is a pair of equipment that needs to be promoted early for Lucian, with attack speed and ability to suck blood, which will help Lucian easier in the road trip as well as solo situations with opponents.

Black Cleaver: When combined with his passive, allowing Lucian to accumulate enough passive power very quickly, combined with armor penetration and cooldown reduction, Lucian will not be fed up with any champions.

Rapid Firecannon: with the increased stats: critical, attack speed and movement speed => will help maximize the damage of the black guy’s attacks.

Infinity Edge: to maximize critical damage with intrinsic damage 250% => easily send opponents to the board with the full Combo.

Mercurial Scimitar: always a useful choice against magician champions and control effects, should be considered at the end of the match.

=> This is a way of killing heavily used for Lucian from the beginning of the game to the end of the game, can be applied to all positions such as AD Mid or Top

Phantom Dancer: continues to be a critical hit, furthermore makes Lucian more aggressive in goal chases, this full-damage All-in game only needs 1, 2 Lucian’s shots to fly half a tree blood already.

Guardian Angel: will be a safer option that will never be redundant, will give you the opportunity to revive your life, and also a good defense against strong shock damage assassins.

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Make a full map of death with the Essence Reaver: if you do not know, Lucian once stormed with this equipment throughout the professional arena.

There is one more way up for Lucian, but now few people use it with Youmuu’s Ghostblade.

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Activate Youmuu’s Ghostblade + The Culling + Glide => identify as letting go, have run over the sky.

Lucian build – full AP

Force is not inferior to AD

Lucian build – go jungle

Full lethal equipment for Lucian build to go Jungle

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

How to play Lucian – Lucian Build

Combo tips when playing Lucian

Piercing Light – has a long-range and deals damage in a long straight line, so you can use it to shoot through soldiers to deal damage to the champion behind you, this skill can do regular damage Through the Wind Wall of Yasuo.

An effective combo to manipulate Lucian’s opponents is:

Piercing Light (Q) – Slightly Stripped – Relentless Pursuit (E) – Slightly Stripped

Lucian’s ultimate is used to the corner, open the fight or chase down the target extremely effectively, so need to use appropriate and accurate offline => do not shoot upside down Ulti back.

During the combat to Lucian free shot is determined always offline

Counterpart Lucian – Lucian Build

Champions use a lot with Lucian

Guide Lucian Season 10 - Additional Rune Table & Latest Lucian Build

Conclude – Lucian Build

Above is our share of the Rune table reorganizing the Lucian for Season 10 and some ways for Lucian build for your reference. Wish you climb the rank of ganking team success with Lucian in the arena of justice.