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Guide players how to move in CSGO to become professional

move in CSGO

Perhaps you already know how to aim, spray and how to set your mind in CSGO, but maybe for many gamers, the move probably does not know much about the use as well as how to move in CSGO correctly.

Standing – move in CSGO

move in CSGO

This is the state that any CS: GO player wants their opponent to do because standing still is always the goal for the player to be able to shoot and take down the easiest way, but standing still also helps players. Play mind control as well as better ballistics.

But if the player moves, the aim as well as the accuracy of the bullets will be inaccurate, then the player will take about 1-2 seconds to wait for the center of sight to achieve the highest accuracy and if it takes time so the player will probably be defeated.

Sit – move in CSGO

Sitting is a ưay to move in CSGO to help players can aim or spray easily, it helps players have a higher level of accuracy than standing still a little but is a “double-edged sword” in combat situations Gun in the game because in this state you almost move very slowly and the enemy will not be too difficult to destroy you gently.

Advice to players that if you want to use this sitting state, the aim as well as spray of the player to reach a good level to be able to confront the enemy directly in the sitting state.

Slow walk

move in CSGO

The slow walk state is a move in CSGO that helps players when they want to retake a bomb and move without making a sound, but with slow movement, the player cannot aim or spray correctly.

But anyway a word of advice for the player, do not shoot while in this state because the noise is always the enemy of the two sitting states and walking slowly so that the enemy will detect it means you will die.