July 31, 2021


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Guide To Control The Power Of Warlock Dota 2



Known for his Dota fighting skills. Warlock will be the top pick for any player who is passionate about a mysterious magical power. The source of his knowledge is extremely large, let’s learn!

The unique power of Warlock


Few heroes have the same flexibility as Warlock. He brings many factors such as speed, strength, support, and especially quite strong. In combat, you can switch between different positions like Tanker, Support, or Ganker because of your skill designs. He is a terror for players on the same path as him.

He can also play the role of Nuker, a position that is extremely important for teams with high balance. It is necessary to have the element of surprise, to ensure the situation of unexpectedly difficult to lose.

He is also the player to face in many battles because of his essentiality. Because of the semi-build, he plays a very important role in the team. Moderate to protect Carry and ensure the team has adequate damage, tank, and support. Let’s analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this champion!

The hard-to-replace strengths of Warlock


For a hero like Warlock, it is indispensable to make a difference in strength. Some of these skills are:

Fatal bonds

Ability to curse adjacent enemies, up to 5 enemies. His curse is contagious. It will cause enemies to lose blood over time. This is a wide area attack skill and he can use this ability in the direction indicated.

You should use this skill for the case of close combat and large team combat.

Shadow word

A skill that can perfectly double the path for Warlock. This ability can be used on both enemies and his allies. If applied to allies, the beneficiary gains bonus health.

If they are an enemy champion, they will be enchanted with a buff and have their health removed. The effect of this skill is very high due to long-range and great damage. Make sure no enemies can survive after this skill is launched.


This is a skill that helps him to control the enemy. This skill is not in the form of leg lockings like Stun or Bound. This skill only helps him to slow down movement speed. Limiting other enemies trying to attack him or slowing their running speed. Despite stepping out of this haunted land, players still have to suffer the slow effect.

Slow death comes from the ghostly wizard Warlock

Warlock‘s ultimate is a devastation coming from the afterlife. He will summon a Golem unit with attack power and large amount of armor and blood. The Golem will appear with an explosion created by it. This explosion will stun any enemies within its area of ​​effect. This skill is suitable for opening combat.

However, grasping the hegemony of this skill, the manufacturer has reduced the impact of Chaotic Offering. This will be the first post that you should release to set the gap for the team. It is also a way to buy time so that the player can wait for the support of the teammate.

This is really a diverse skill in usage. However, this skill has a weakness which is very mana consuming.

After launching, it is very difficult to launch the remaining moves immediately. You should carefully calculate the urgency of this skill, or just watch your team fight.

Warlock playing tips

Due to a versatile and has the ability to shock damage very well. He can accompany other Carry and Nuker in the game. This will help him maximize his power. You can choose to go with Drow ranger or Windranger. These are the generals with the general suit our magicians.

Besides, names like Phantom Lancer, Skywrath Mage, or Doom cannot be ignored. These will be the optimal couple for each other’s generals. You should find players who can maximize the power of Warlock. That way you can balance the strengths and weaknesses of this hero.