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Guide To Move In Warzone, Terrains, And Tips To Climb Well In The Game



Moving and choosing a location is the key to success in Call of Duty: Warzone, but some of the jump locations as well as the tricks are still unknown.

Many people know of a way to climb Dam Verdansk, as well as many places with barrels and climbing places too difficult places or start attacking from unexpected positions.

However, for those who are new to playing and getting acquainted, you need to see those tricks to take advantage of them.

Climb the fence and jump up in Warzone


the ability to exploit a map at Public House in Verdansk’s Bloc 6 by climbing the fence to jump to the second floor of the building, causing the opposing team to could not encounter.

This is a unique location, but it shows that you should try and take advantage of the fence next to the building that can be used to climb to attack the house.

Another common example is the ledge jump that you can do at the Twin Apartment Complex in Torsk Bloc. They are very flexible, with edges as well as shields that will prevent the opponent from attacking from the bottom up.

Like most Warzone rooftops, taking the stairs or the elevator upstairs while the waiting team is almost suicide.

Stone mechanism

The rocks are an obsession in Warzone and the tunnel near Dam is a nuisance site, as it combines the steep slope from Dam with the confusing rocky terrain on the side. This is a monster area, but knowing how to take advantage of it can help players take advantage of this place. This is not easy, but if you try, you will do it.

Car and shielding: flexible climbing ways in Warzone


Finally, sometimes you can not rely on the available terrain of the map that you have to create. The best example in this section is to take advantage of the cars to create a unique climbing spot.

It helps you climb most of the floors of the two-story houses in the game, and most campers are too busy looking down the stairs to forget about an opponent from an unexpected place.

Police Station is very useful in Warzone because they are both ammunition storage, and often used to get to the roof: lice positions can be climbed by stairs, making them a difficult place to obtain from below.

To sum up, these are not all secrets and tricks in the game – nor do they really apply at every location around the map. But you can use it in many terrains you come across in Verdansk.