July 27, 2021


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Guide to play Moira in Overwatch from tactics to tips and tricks



Moira O’Deorain is a doctor who has been dedicated to working for Overwatch’s Blackwatch unit. Intelligence is often seen as a gift, but she has proven that she is willing to do everything to make a breakthrough in her field.

For that reason, she worked for the shadow organization Talon, after years working under Overwatch. Now that she is no longer subject to the limits of morality, she enters the battlefield as the 26th Hero of Overwatch.

One hand gives, the other takes away – Moira skill


Moira is both a support hero as well as a healer, but her skill set can do both.

For this hero, healing and damage, go hand in hand. She restores color with her left hand and uses her right hand to deal damage. She needs to deal damage in order to continue healing. Her attacks also have lifesteal abilities, so she can heal herself.

Her skills are mutually reinforcing. Therefore, grasping the skill “give and take” will help players perceive this character.

The main move (left mouse) is a diamond-shaped golden ray, used to heal targets up to 15 meters ahead of you. She can heal through each other, meaning she can heal multiple targets at once, at a rate of about 80 health per second.

While healing, she can tell how much more she can use that ability. Once it’s all over, she can’t swear to heal. It will slowly heal, but the best way to recharge “heal” is by dealing damage.

her second attack deals damage to a target that was previously targeted with a range of 21 meters. It is similar to Symmetra’s attack, but you have to keep your mind on the target in order to attack. The damage is 50 damage per second, and Moira restores 33 health per second and restores mana to heal.

In order to heal, she had to attack. Healing wears off very quickly, so attacking while healing is essential. The damage attack has no cooldown, so attack when you can.

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop


Arguably her most important skill, once the Biotic Orb is used, she will open up her arms and you can choose between healing or a damage orb. Both are very strong.

Tossing a damage orb near an enemy will slow down the opponent and pull their health for 50 damage per second, or until the damage is over 200 damage. The healing Orb does the same thing, but it heals up to 75 health per second, or up to 300 health healed by targets.

Throwing a damage orb at a group of enemies is a way to pull their blood, both heal themselves and heal. It has a variety of uses: extremely effective in 1 on 1 phase when thrown at the opponent, and combined with her normal attack.

Orb heals too. It will help your teammates keep fighting, especially when you coordinate with your heal. The orb can also heal Moira if thrown on the spot or on a wall next to him.

Orb is very effective in small spaces, for example when the opposing team tries to push into a small area to hook the rear tire. Throwing an orb at that area deals quick damage to multiple enemies. And you can do the same thing with your teammates if the party gets together to heal.

Her ultimate ability is Fade, teleportation that allows her to move faster and disappear briefly, giving her temporary immortality. This ability has a 6-second cooldown and is very useful for getting Moira out of difficult situations, or just for moving fast if needed.

Surrender to my will! – Moira skill

Her ultimate is Coalescence, a powerful beam of energy that can heal and deal damage at the same time. This beam deals 70 damage per second, but heals up to 140 health per second, as well as restores itself 50 health per second. This ability lasted for 8 seconds.

This ultimate regenerates very quickly, so don’t worry without using it, or using it to push the final phase. This heals more than does damage, and Coalescence is especially useful in teamfights when attacking a target, as it can do two jobs at the same time.

The damage isn’t too high, so she should focus on healing rather than trying to kill enemies. But if you can do 2 things at the same time, just do it. Low health enemies should be the main target, but if they are also healed, it would be difficult for Moira to finish off.

Coalescence is best used to aid a team in pushing or slowing down enemy pushes. This ultimate can’t turn the game around like Zenyatta’s Transcendence or Lucio’s Sound Barrior, but it’s clear that it can still turn the tide if used properly.