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Guide To Play Valorant And How To Spend Money In Riot’s FPS Game

Guide To Play Valorant And How To Spend Money In Riot's FPS Game

Guide To Play Valorant And How To Spend Money In Riot's FPS Game

Valorant is an FPS game that is drawing a lot of attention from the gaming community. The game promises to become an explosive phenomenon when it is officially launched this year. So how does Valorant play?

Overview of how to play Valorant

Guide To Play Valorant And How To Spend Money In Riot's FPS Game

Valorant will compete in a 5-on-5 format. All players are divided into 2 teams, a Defender team and an Attacker team. The attacker’s mission is to occupy the designated area and install bombs (Spike). And Defender’s mission is to prevent Attackers and defuse the bomb.

A match has a total of 25 rounds. Each official round has 1 minute 40 seconds, and 30 seconds to buy things, a total of 2 minutes 7 seconds. When the total number of rounds for two teams adds up to 12, the tasks of the two teams will be exchanged. Meaning that the Defender becomes the Attacker and vice versa. The team that touches the previous 13 round wins.

In general, the Attacker has two conditions to win around:

  • Put bombs and detonate.
  • Kill all enemy teams.

Defender is a little different, there are three conditions:

  • Defending the area for 1 minute and 30 seconds, the Attacker could not set up bombs.
  • When the Attacker places the bomb, you must remove the bomb.
  • Kill all enemy teams.

Mechanism of adding money

Guide To Play Valorant And How To Spend Money In Riot's FPS Game

This is what you can get when you destroy the opponent team, place a bomb, win or lose a Round (round). Do not think weapons are the most important, because a lack of money can not buy guns. So what is the mechanism for adding money?

At the start of the first round in Valorant, starting each player receives 800 gold. It’s the same with changing sides. Every time you kill an enemy, you get 200 gold. At the end of the round, the winning team gets 3,000 gold, while the losing team gets only 1900 gold.

When you lose 2 times consecutively, it will count as 1 losing sequence and an additional 500 gold. If you lose one more match and lose 2, you will receive 1000 gold. And this is also the highest losing sequence.

That is, for every loss you will receive 1900 gold, 1,000 losing gold, and with 200 gold or more if killed.

In addition, when the Attacker places bombs, they will receive an additional 300 gold. And if Defender defeats the bomb, there’s no community.

How to spend money appropriately in Valorant?

When the first round began, pistol solo matches took place everywhere. If you win, go to the next round, buy yourself an armor with an SMG, to be able to defend. If you have big hands, confident that you can “one hit one kill” then buy the Sheriff pistol with armor.

If you lose the first round, you should keep money (also known as Eco or Save money). Because of the previous round plus very little money, you have to keep money at least over 2000 gold. And accept losing the next round, earning a losing chain to buy full armor guns. Of course, everyone in the same team. After keeping the money, all 5 of them kept it, and when they bought it, 5 of them bought things.

The pace of buying must be even, then you have the advantage to win the round. Therefore, communication in the team is very important in Valorant, helping people exchange tactics accordingly.

There are also exceptions, buying guns always after a round of losing. If no one on the team uses 800 starting gold and Attacker places a bomb, then it’s okay to lose the first round. As long as your team is confident that they will win the next round, they can buy it.

1900 gold lost to round + 800 starting gold + 300 to set bomb = 3000 gold. So you have enough money to buy armor and an SMG, equal to the Defender team.

Note, if your team Defender is lost, you should keep the money for the next round to buy more quality weapons.