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Guide to Rank climbing with “Holy Knight” Reinhardt



Reinhardt is the most exemplary tank hero in the game. Equipped with a large shield, a back-mounted jet, and a Rocket Hammer hammer that was not in contact, he is literally a German tank. His shield can block a lot of damage to protect himself and his teammates.

Let’s come up with some useful tips to help players master the match with the “holy knight”.

Get good communication with your teammates – Reinhardt


Reinhardt is always seen as a living wall to prevent enemy bullets from attacking his allies. However, nothing is forever when that wall also has certain limitations. When your shield is nearly broken or enemies are out of sight, it’s time to recharge your shield. But this also makes your squad exposed to the enemy’s gun. So let your teammates know when you charge the shield or create a shield as well as move back and forth so your team can react.

Do not charge indiscriminately – Reinhardt

Skill shift by Reinhardt is a skill that can deal damage up to 300 damage enough to kill any non-tank hero. However, when using this skill, his biggest disadvantage shows that it is the lack of mobility when running if the charge fails, in addition, your squad will also be torn, meaning that you are hurt. by enemy attack stations. Conversely, if the charge hits, your team will immediately be able to eliminate worry from the opposing side. So every time you use this skill to weigh its pros and cons.

Spam Fire Strike as soon as possible – Reinhardt

Although there is no main weapon at long range, he can still do damage from afar with Fire Strike, this skill has the amount of damage up to nearly 150 damage but can penetrate many targets including shields. So this is a perfect skill to pierce his shield on the opponent’s side as well as a way to quickly charge your ultimate.

With a cooldown of only 5 seconds, if you know how to use it, this ability also makes it possible to finish off the weak heroes of the opponent. But the animation when cast the skill for a long time so you should not use it while using a shield to defend against enemy spam.

Should play with a stack with healer

With the inability to heal, shield or flee, Reinhardt is a typical hero for a hero that needs to have “protection”. Especially while your shield is broken, you have almost nothing to defend and your blood just “slips down without brakes”. That is why you need to have compatible first support to know when you will rush up or down to support in time. But it is not advisable that you keep YOLO.

How Barrier Field works

  • When using the camera, it will switch to the 3rd angle and return to the 1st angle when not in use
  • When used, his movement speed will be greatly reduced
  • He cannot do anything but move when using Barrier Field, so it is up to his teammates to win or lose.
  • Barrier Field will block 2000 damage, and won’t block shots from allies
  • Shield automatically regenerates after 2 seconds when not in use, regardless of whether Reinhardt is taking damage or dying
  • When broken, the Barrier Field will take 5 seconds to reuse, but the shield will still automatically heal after 2 seconds.