April 14, 2021


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Guide to Swain Build Season 10 – The Rune board and how to build Swain Mid

Swain Build

Swain Build

Instructions on how to build Swain season 9 guide Top and the Rune board recombine to Swain equipped with the strongest hit, forest build full damage of high pro order to increase the skill set, plus spells to supplement the skills formula how to build Swain combo skill Swain build counter in the latest game League of Legends LOL.

Swain Build

Rune Swain Build

Swain  Rune Top/Mid – use a lot

Rune Swain  SORCERY -> Phase Rush  -> Triumph -> Transecendent ​​-> Ignite -> Nimbus Cloak.


Swain Build

 Swain Rune Top Carry

Summoner Spells Swain  Build

FLASH + TELEPORT: best for Top/Mid

Swain ‘s strengths and weaknesses


– Ability to stack damage a strong target

– Death’s Hand (Q) has an extremely low cooldown at the end level.

– Ability to travel well, resistant.

– Ability to close the corner and good gank coordination.

– Ability to recover and harass in good team fight with ultimate

– Strength increases with time

– Both a strong mage and a resilience + additional ability to recover well


– Need equipment and time to promote strength

– Mobility is not high

– Initially quite lack of energy

Swain skillset table

Swain build Max Q -> E -> W skill enhancement order

Swain Build
  • Hand of Death (Q): Swain unleashes 5 bizarre bursts of power forward, each damaging the first enemy it encounters and piercing through defeated enemies. This is a strong Swain skill, so it should be maxed first.
  • Vision of Empire (W): Wain Swain opens a demon eye at a target area (maximum of 3500 units), dealing magic damage and slowing all enemies within 2.5 seconds, this skill only needs to raise 1 point at level 3 and lift last.
  • Nevermove (E): Swain shoots the demon’s arm forward, dealing magic damage to all enemies along the way. The arm explodes upon hitting the first enemy before returning to Swain, dealing magic damage and rooting all enemies caught in the blast for 1.5 seconds. This skill will increase to the 2nd maximum after Q
  • Demonic Ascension (R) increases with level


Passive – Ravenous Flock

  • Ravenous: After a period of time, Swain can right-click any immobile nearby enemy champion to draw a Soul Fragment, dealing [20-105 per level] (+ 30% AP) magic damage and pull them towards him (12 – 6 second cooldown).
  • Flock of Crow: Enemy champions fall into Soul Fragment when dead. The dark ravens hovered near Fragment, healing Swain [~ 4% -7% of maximum health] health.
  • Swain can store up to 5 Soul Fragments at the same time.
  • Base damage, cooldown and healing based on level – At level 1, regains 4% of maximum health. This rate can be up to 7% based on level.

Death’s Hand – Q

Swain casts 5 bizarre bursts of power forward, each damaging the first enemy hit and piercing through defeated enemies. Enemies hit take 65 (+ 40% AP) magic damage, plus 15% per flow. Max Damage: X.

Enemies destroyed by Death’s Hand regain 3% of Swain’s maximum mana.

Vision of Empire – W

  • Swain opens a demon eye at a target area (maximum 3500 units), dealing 100 (+ 70% AP) magic damage and slowing all internal enemies by 25% for 2.5 seconds.
  • Each champion takes damage, granting Swain a Soul Shard and being revealed for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds.
  • Damage to minions reduced by 50%.

Nevermove – E

  • Swain shoots a demon arm forward, dealing 35 (+ 25% AP) magic damage to all enemies along the way.
  • The arm explodes upon hitting the first enemy before returning to Swain, dealing 35 (+ 25% AP) magic damage and rooting all enemies caught in the blast for 1.5 seconds.

Ulti – Demonic Ascension (R)

  • Swain releases the demon within him for 12 seconds, restoring 150 health. Every second, he drains the nearest 3 enemies for 35 (+ 14% AP) magic damage, healing him for 15 (+ 16% AP) health. After draining 150 health (based on Swain’s level), Swain can use Demonflare.
  • Demonflare: Swain unleashes a massive amount of damage that deals magic damage and ends the transformation. Damage per Soul Shard: 45 (+ 27% AP).
  • Current Damage: X
  • Max Damage: X
  • Swain can drain blood for non-champions to restore 20% health.

How to Build Swain 

Let’s move to some ways how to build Swain  

Starter Items for Swain Build Top

Swain Build

 Doran’s Ring and Health potions are good starting items for Swain Mid or Top

How to build Swain shoes

Swain Build

Should choose Mercury’s Treads if you go Mid with Magician or Ninja Tabi going to Swain build Top with physical damage, with a little resistance will help Swain stronger and better hold.

How to Build Swain with Main Items

How to build Swain with Swain  Top/Mid

The optional Swain build items

Swain Build

How to Build Swain  Top/Mid most powerful

As a magician with the ability to greatly increase the power, the later in the game, the amount of Swain’s damage is greater, especially the ability to survive long in fights and cause massive damage thanks to the ultimate Demonic Ascension( R).

Below is the full set of standard AP items for Swain build and the most powerful for Mid Mid Swain as well as Top Swain.

or Swain with the Rylai’s Crystal Scepter.

Swain Build

In case Swain encounters strong opponents, many hard control effects, Banshee’s Veil will be quite effective items for Swain.


How to Build Swain  Top to the Jungle

Put on a build and go to the JUNGLE best build.

Swain Build


Counters of on Swain 

Refer to some generals capable of countering the Swain  – The Noxian Grand General effectively.

Champions used a lot with Swain 

Swain Build


Above, we have shared the Rune Table Swain build for Season 10 and some ways how to build Swain items for your reference. Wish you climb the rank of successful gank team rank with The Noxian Grand General in the arena of justice.