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Guide Valorant: Battle Pass, Radianite Point, And Their Uses

battle pass

battle pass

Valorant’s Battle Pass has a slightly different way of working, and the game also has Contract, VP, and RP so we will explain them in this article.

Like most other free games on the market, Valorant will have a form of fee through Battle Pass. Riot says that through it, they will be able to reward gamers for spending time with the game with unique rewards, helping gamers customize their characters and show their personalities. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about it, from how it works to what will appear in your account when completing it.

How Valorant’s Battle Pass works

battle pass

As with similar features in other titles, it will reward gamers based on experience points the player receives, the Contracts that they complete. There are two types of Battle Passes, free and paid, but Riot ensures that the paid one only brings in more rewards, not more powerful items like Pay to Win. Riot also values ​​the quality of rewards more than quantity.

All experience you get while playing Valorant and the Contract you complete is counted towards it.

If you decide to move from free to paid, you will be “rewarded” with the paid one reward.

It costs 1000 Valorant Point (VP), which costs about 10 USD depending on the VP package you buy. To buy VP, click on the small V icon at the top right of the screen.

To purchase it, simply click on the menu at the top left of the screen. In the new window that appears, select “Upgrade Battle Pass” and you’re done.

Battle Pass Act 1

battle pass

Riot calculated that the game’s launch date was the beginning of Episode 1 of Valorant. You can view Valorant’s Episode as the chapters of Fortnite. Each Episode will have much Act, each Act lasts about 2 months and has a new one.

Battle Pass Act 1 will have 50 tiers, applicable to both free and paid gamers.

They are divided into 10 chapters (chapters), each chapter includes 5 Premium levels (chargeable) and 2 free tier.

When unlocked, the chapter will reward gamers with 1 tier for free.

When completing the chapter (ie earn enough experience to fill 5 Premium tier), the game will give you the reward for completing the chapter and unlocking a new chapter.

You can complete the 5 Premium tier without paying, but you will not receive the reward in the 5 Premium tier but only get 2 free rewards above.

If you purchase one, you will receive all the rewards from the previously unlocked Premium tier.

The common reward for both free and paid gamers is a skin called Kingdom Classic at the end of chapter 10.

Thus, Valorant’s Battle Pass Act 1 has a total of 70 rewards for gamers including 50 rewards from Premium, 20 rewards from unlocking, and completing chapters. Non-paying gamers will only receive 20 rewards later, and those who spend 1000 VP will receive a full 70 rewards.

In the future, Riot will continue to make it on new topics to collect money from gamers. When it expires, the player’s progress will be frozen and the experience points you receive will no longer count toward it. However, you can still buy premium to receive rewards from the unlocked Premium tier.

Radianite points

The abbreviation is RP (Radianite Point), this is a special currency Valorant unit. It allows gamers to “evolve” special weapon skins to a cooler version, with additional visual effects, sound, motion, finishing moves, new variants … Below you can see how the Reaper’s Compulsive skin changes when you use your RP to upgrade:

Riot said that for the time being, Battle Pass is the main method of earning points for Valorant gamers, but you can also buy it in the store with VP.