April 14, 2021


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Guide Yasuo Build Season 10 – Yasuo Rune and How to build Yasuo Mid Latest

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

Instructions on how to build Yasuo season 9 guide Mid and Rune of Yasuo build recombining with the most powerful solo equipment Yasuo build.

Top build full of damage of the Unforgiven Yasuo master pro order increase skill set,  how to build Yasuo, plus additional magic skills Yasuo build combos latest counter in the game League of Legends (League of Legends) LOL.

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

The Rune Yasuo – Yasuo Build

Rune Yasuo Mid 

It can be used on all other lanes such as: Jungle, Sp support and AD bot

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

Rune Yasuo build PRECISION -> TRIUMP > Attack speed -> COUP DE GRACE -> Conqueror

Rune Yasuo Top

It is used when traveling with gladiator champions or strong physical damage

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

Rune Yasuo Mid – if you are on the road with strong Mages

Rune Yasuo Pentakill – super maneuverable, flickering combo like flying

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

Rune Yasuo – branch of Resolve (for new players or meet strong opponents)

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

Summoner Spells Yasuo

Flash ​​and Ignite are the best spells for mid-Yasuo build. The Flash of the auxiliary spell required in every match, Ignite provides additional damage, but every additional damage is life, there is a network there is a map, when there are many items then ganking a stamp will not work.

However, you can replace scorching with EXHAUST, even when traveling with a Wizard you should also allow this auxiliary, because the skill of Steel Tempest – Q has a very fast cooldown, the opponent is slow and reducing 10 armor in 2.5 seconds will help the enemy take a lot of damage

In addition, CLEANSE is also a good spell  when traveling with the control skills generals such as Xerath, Ahri, etc.

Smite: additional spell for Yasuo build to the Jungle.

Strengths and weaknesses Yasuo


– Beautiful and eye-catching appearance

– The skill set contains hidden combo magic tricks – you can learn these combos with Arkadata and Yassuo – the top Yasuo build players of the world

– Ability to travel very strong with outstanding damage: Yasuo’s skill kit can be used quite quickly and continuously, so Yasuo build has the ability to clean extremely good soldiers, as well as rush forward Glide about the opponent structure extremely uncomfortable.

Yasuo build has the ability to accelerate extremely uncomfortably. If you are a skilled at using Yasuo well, it seems that He will not be defeated and ready to vaporize anyone who dares to stop.

– Ability to carry extremely strong team, pressing the road and snowball if you get the advantage early

– There’s always a free virtual shield from the passive, so Yasuo build is quite good at exchanging skills when he makes good use of this shield.

– Ability to increase strength, great damage late game with an absolute death rate 100%.

– The skill set has a very low cooldown time, the way to surf with beautiful combos, creating a feeling of soaring excitement to the max for the player.

– Ability to dry blood with all the generals, buffalo tanks and bulls are not Yasuo’s.


– Strength in the early game is not too much.

– Being easily ganked by junglers

– Very easy to take down when hit by the control skills.

– Sometimes Yasuo will become a hero to carry your team, with the divine feed.

– Gives players the feeling of an ‘illusionary power’ of the infinite.

Yasuo skillset – Yasuo Build

Yasuo will need to maximize Steel Tempest (Q) to get the best damage from basic attacks. The next priority skill is Sweeping Blade (E) for better glide. Wind Wall (W) raises one point in level 3 and increases last. Last Breath (R) lifted to the right level for Yasuo build.

Passive: Way of the Wanderer

Yasuo’s Crit chance is doubled. In addition, Yasuo build will gradually erect a shield as he moves. The shield activates itself when he takes damage from champions or monsters.

Steel Tempest – Q

  • A basic attack After two successful Steel Tempest, the next attack will shoot out a whirlwind that will cause the enemies hit to fly into the air.
  • Crash, dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+) physical damage.
  • Upon reaching the target, Steel Tempest creates a stack of Cumulative Stacks for 10 seconds. When there are 2 points, Tempest shoots out a tornado flapping Up in the Air.
  • Steel Tempest is counted as a basic attack: It can be critical, causing effects with attacks, interrupted by crowd control, and cooldown and cast can be reduced by attack speed.
  • If cast while surfing, Steel Tempest will attack in a circle.

Wind Wall – W

It creates a wall of wind that can block enemy ballistic flows for 4 seconds.

Sweeping Sword – E

  • Skim a unit, dealing Magic Damage with each attack increase.
  • Strikes an enemy target, dealing 60/70/80/90/100 (+) magic damage. Each attack increases the base wave of the next wave to 25%, up to 50%.
  • Cannot be used on the same enemy for 10/9/8/7/6 seconds.
  • If launched while surfing, Hurricane Sword will attack in a circle.

Final move: Last Breath

  • Surf to a unit and then attack the victim causing strong continuous damage. Can only be cast on Upcast units.
  • Turns to an enemy champion being knocked out of the Air, dealing 200/300/400 (+) physical damage and keeping all enemies cast into the air for an additional second. Immediately maximizes Rhythm, but in return loses all stacks of Capacitor.
  • For 15 seconds, Yasuo’s critical attack gains another 50% of Armor Penetration – effects applied to armor bonuses from equipment, runes and summoner spells.

How to build Yasuo

The original items for Yasuo

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

How to build Yasuo: Doran’s Blade and Health Potion are 2 starting items to strengthen Yasuo build, with 3% life steal that will limit the need to go home due to a poke texture on the road

Put on shoes for Yasuo

Berserker’s Greaves: A little more attack speed so we can see Yasuo’s critical hits become denser.

However, if you are playing or your opponent has strong physical damage, Ninja Tabi will be a good choice for Solo Q plays, and if the opponent is a Wizard or a team with many control effects, it should be chosen Mercury Treads.

Main items for Yasuo – Yasuo Build

If you encounter difficult deals – or you want to play in an active style.

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

If you want to increase the damage from the beginning – on overwhelming the opponent.

Guide Yasuo Build Season 10

Phantom Dancer – Yasuo Build

Yasuo’s most important equipment, has a + critical attack speed, especially it reduces the opponent’s damage by 12%, will give this Yasuo build the ability to go solo strong duel, you Can’t ignore this item.

Statikk Shiv (after being updated)

With more than 30% attack speed + crit + bonus movement speed => 1 perfect equipment for Yasuo, besides it has the ability to hit many lanes target + increased damage + crit => makes Yasuo can farm soldiers faster, increase the ability to travel, push the road better.

Infinity Edge

With the critical strike of the Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv + Infinity + Passive, Yasuo build himself has 100% critical crit, which is something few champions in League of Legends have. These are 2 indispensable equipment for any Yasuo player to own tremendous amount of damage.

No matter which lane you take Yasuo build to Top, Mid, AD, etc. These are the 2 items that need to be raised as soon as possible to strengthen Yasuo.

Berserker’s Greaves

That increases the amount of attack speed, increase the ability to clear soldiers and critical hits more

The items optional Yasuo

Damage kit

or defensive form:

How to build Yasuo Top / Mid

  • Sterak’s Gage: Yasuo is a melee champion who often dives a lot in team fights, so he needs a bit of defensive ability, to combat being cornered and killed quickly.
  • Bloodthirster: maximum damage and extremely good recovery for Yasuo, thanks to the high percentage of lifesteal from Bloodthirster, that Yasuo can confidently rush in the middle of the enemy team, surfing E slash Q.
  • Guadian Angel: this will be the best choice for Yasuo when the end of the game, has both a damge, and a safeguard for yourself and your teammates, in case you are caught odd, or illusion Rushing into 1vs5 weighs the team :), adding a revival network will help you to dance more enthusiastically, and during that time your teammates will be able to deal better damage to your opponents.

=> This is the most standard and powerful equipment for Yasuo.

or with the Phantom Dancer:

If you go with the magician or opponent with strong control effects like: Zoe, Leblanc, Syndra, etc so up: The QuickSilver Sash will then complete Mercury Blade in the 5th or 6th place, to increase the safety of the gliding phase and also partly counter them.

If your opponent has a lot of physical damage, or you want to play in a safe way, to ensure that the gliding phase in the middle of the opponent’s team is safer, Frozen Mallet will be the right choice: just provide gives Yasuo build a large amount of health + physical damage, especially the ability to slow from the intrusion of Frozen Mallet, the target will be difficult to escape before the gliding E slash of God.

How to build Yasuo AD

How to build Yasuo Jungle

How to build Yasuo Sp Support

Counters of Yasuo Build

Refer to some generals capable of counteracting Yasuo – The Unforgiving One effectively later.

Counters of Yasuo                                        Yasuo is stronger than above champions
Counters of Yasuo                                        Yasuo is stronger than above champions

Conclude – Yasuo Build

Above, we have just shared the Rune reorganizing for Yasuo build season 10 and some ways how to build Yasuo‘s map for your reference. Wish you climb the rank of successful gank team rank with The Unforgiven on the arena of justice.