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Guilty Gear Strive Guide – Best Mods You Should Try

Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive is one of the best modern fighting games ever that you might not miss. The characters, gameplay, and presentation are all in a class of their own, making this game a great entry into this historical fighting series. Players who want to immerse themselves in a deep fighting game with great mechanics should definitely give the game a try due to how nuanced and engaging its gameplay is.


Leo is a fun character to play within Guilty Gear Strive. However, even this character’s appearance can become a bit monotonous over time.

With this mod, Leo’s skin is overhauled and replaced with yellow and gray versions of the classic Wolverine. It’s a small but impactful change that makes the act of playing as Leo fun again.

Jimmles HUD – Guilty Gear Strive

The face-to-face display of any fighting game is important for communicating player-related information without being too authoritarian. For the most part, the game’s HUD is quite capable in this respect.

However, players who have problems with the game’s HUD can download this mod instead. It makes a bunch of small but noticeable changes that are definitely welcome to fans of clean and unobtrusive user interfaces!

Potato Mod

Fighting games are for everyone, but modern titles have become quite demanding in terms of processing and graphics power. Unfortunately, some people simply do not have the necessary power to play these games to their fullest extent.

With Potato Mod, the graphic fidelity of Guilty Gear Strive can be reduced in several respects to improve their performance on older systems. There is a scaled-down version of this mod for players who don’t want the visual quality of this game to drop too much.

OST Replacers

The game’s music is pretty awesome, there’s a strong OST that makes each battle more engaging to deal with. That being said, fighting veterans who’ve been playing for a while can see vanilla tracks losing their beauty.

This is where the OST Replacers take part in the picture. Songs from popular fighting games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Persona 4 Arena can be added to the game without much effort!

Surewin – Goth Gio – Guilty Gear Strive

Another character that Guilty Gear players absolutely love is Giovanna. She is a fun character to use, with her moveset being quite fun to play around with once the player understands her fighting style.

This modder decided to give Giovanna a goofy look, which suits her character very well. For such a small mod, there’s a lot of work put into this alternate costume and it shows!

50 Character Mod Pack Strive

While a collection of five outfits is already awesome enough, this mod really takes it to the next level. Having the ability to play around with the massive 50 character skins certainly sounds appealing.

The unique and engaging nature of these skins makes Guilty Gear Strive a refreshing experience as players examine each skin they may own. This fifty-character outfit pack is quite rich and will really keep gamers engaged for a while.