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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Baiken Special Moves, Instant Kill



Baiken returns to the Xrd reworked as a high-risk, high-rewarding strength character with a solid combination of high damage attack and good space defense control, but like shots Before that, her main strengths were her defensive flexibility and her ability to counterattack. while blocking. Capable of frantically spinning matches with the ability to successfully cancel defenders resulting in trusty okizeme and dangerous mix, she is a credible threat with huge potential for a comeback big.

Baiken Playstyle


She has dual powers as a defensive turtle and explosive mixed character. Her diverse set of tools allows her to overwhelm her opponents when attacking and stealing their defensive momentum.


  • Strong defense options: Baiken not only makes good use of universal defense, but also has the ability to flexibly reverse in the form of Sanzu, and her unique defense canceling schemes force the opponent to concretize. Structure their attacks differently, usually in ways that make the mechanical defenses more powerful.
  • Average corner damage is high and corner is good
  • Strong Okizeme: She has access to projectile okizeme that has good coverage against enemy options for defense and can be ambiguous.


  • Easy to Burst: She combos often rely on Kuchinashi, Tetsuzansen, or airdash as easy reaction blasts.
  • High-commitment aggressive space control: Options like the aerial Kabari and Tatamis require Baiken to make a serious commitment.
  • Gauges required lock: She cannot stop an opponent easily without making risky captions for jumps and backward.

Special Moves

  • Tatami Gaeshi: Tatamis boosts damage in combos, neutral space control, counterattack, frametrap, start combo, and block chain end.
  • Azami: Azami is a parry that can be activated in neutral mode or during blockstun.
  • Suzuran: A command dash with a mid/high guard point most of the time, Suzuran allows Baiken to use Azami tracking commands in neutral attacks and combos.
  • Kuchinashi: Kuchinashi is her fastest meterless guard canceling and gives a guaranteed penalty for most moves in the game if done fast enough.
  • Mawarikomi: The attack is impregnable for more than half its duration, but can be thrown at any point in its duration.
  • Sakura: Sakura is invulnerable from boot to action and is one of her best ways to command respect from an opponent.
  • Rokkonsogi: Rokkonsogi is a very reliable overall pick among Azami, and is the most difficult to navigate for the competition.
  • Yashagatana: It has an extremely slow start and no dodge ability, but moves fast and follows most of the projectile in the game.
  • Tsubaki: Tsubaki is one of the main reasons why aerial Azami is usually better than ground Azami.
  • Kikyou: Kikyou is slow, easily defeated by many moves and moves, is extremely unsafe to block the road, and is best used sparingly.
  • Himawari: Himawari is a tough command that is actually a more complex way to show your disrespect towards people.
  • Tetsuzansen: Tetsuzansen is the least risky watch from Kabari.
  • Rokkonsogi: Rokkonsogi is good for confirming Kabari hits that have far background into a takedown, as a risky low-reward caption against opponents trying to step back to jump out of Kabari’s pressure.
  • Youzansen: The foundation of her high/low combination and one of the easiest ways for Baiken to finish a match.

Baiken Instant Kill

Garyo Tensei

  • Indicate the right timing for you, your opponent in Hellfire and you have 50% Stress
  • Activate IK mode: 84F [5F + 5F]
  • Animation is like Suzuran.
  • It is quite easy to incorporate into unlike previous games, otherwise a more or less normal IK.