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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Chipp Zanuff Special Moves, Instant Kill

Chipp Zanuff

Chipp Zanuff

Guilty Gear’s dedicated pixie character with excellent mobility and paper-thin defense. While he is without a doubt the fastest character in the Xrd, performing Chipp Zanuff can be the hardest in the game, as many of his basic conversion combos require jump settings, etc. His tools are fast and generally great, but his poor defense means that only a few mistakes will spell his doom.

Chipp Zanuff Playstyle

Chipp Zanuff

Chipp Zanuff does a good job of being a plump character with a low barrier to entry.


  • Chipp Zanuff does a good job of being a plump character with a low barrier of entry. Uncontrolled Speed: Easily the fastest character in the game, both in portability and frame data
  • Air Mobility: Has an extra jump, allowing him to jump three times and jump after a single aerial shot
  • Teleport Cancels: Teleport YRCs allow punishment virtually anywhere on the screen
  • Adaptive skillset: Both run and dive styles can be used if needed


  • The world’s easiest man to kill: The defense is as thin as paper, taking the most damage in the game
  • Lack of easy kills: Killing goals often need moves that are associated with specific conditions (close range or headshot).
  • Poor mixing game: background mix is a bit lacking, the total cost is extra
  • Poor backdash
  • Requires some skills: High enforcement barrier to proficiency

Special Moves

  • Alpha Blade: Both versions launch opponents, but the ground version cannot be tracked, except when countered, by targeting the Meter or simply adding an Alpha Plus.
  • Beta Blade: A solid dragon punch, mainly used only for reversal or as an end to aerial combos
  • Gamma Blade: Cannot be omitted into a rule word. Erase most of the projectile it touches and moves onwards. A slow start and a very long time make this a very risky move without a YRC available.
  • Tsuyoshishiki Meisei: Cannot be canceled into normative words. It will make Chipp Zanuff flash word invisible to show at intervals. 8 seconds.
  • Tsuyoshishiki Ten’i: 22P is great when used in a block chain (as a frame trap), for example after HS or 2D, or when used as a decoy (to forge 22K or 22H teleportation and keep your opponent in the position compete).
  • Genrouzan: Throwing an unblock order is slow and very risky. It cannot explode after a hit, as it is a throw.
  • Resshou: Super useful as a block chain terminator as it only leaves you at -1, which doesn’t matter if your opponent doesn’t block it right away – Chipp’s jabs (such as fS) will usually Faster than your opponent put on the distance you are after using rekka.
  • Rokusai: The second hit in Chipp’s Rekka Series
  • Senshuu: There could be a second or final hit in Chipp’s Rekka series
  • Shinkirou: Can be used Standalone or in Chipp’s Rekka series (but not after 236K)
  • Shuriken: Alternating between the slow and fast version, with the slow version coming first.
  • Wall Cling: Wall Cling is often used for the Okizeme corner kick as well as the escape strategy. Many special moves that cause Chipp to fly in the air can be removed from the wall cling.

Chipp Zanuff Instant Kill

Chipp Zanuff


  • Expressed in Hellfire
  • Use his Resshou animation.
  • Instant Kill of Chipp Zanuff activation has an extremely long warm-up time, instant kills are not guaranteed even if your opponent is dizzy.
  • However, it can be used while your Opponent is in Hell in the last possible round. A sample combination to land it would be: angle S> S> HS> 236S> 236S Roman cancel> Dust, cancel dash, activate kill instantly, kill instantly.