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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Faust Special Moves, Instant Kill


Although his appearance is very bizarre, he is a fundamentally distant character that uses long-range standard items and random items to stop his opponent. Faust also has a command picker (which cannot be blocked at close range) and various costs, combined with different items, make for a deadly oki game. He has both a straight combo and a game plan that makes him a powerful choice for a beginner, while a focus on the fundamentals and adaptability means he is also difficult to master.

Faust Playstyle


He is a ranged character that uses ranged standards and random items to intercept his opponents.


  • Long Normals: Great range across many standards.
  • Random Items: A random item helps your opponent to guess.
  • Mix-Up: Powerful combination with instant, unbounded near / “take orders” cost, can cancel multiple low jumps.
  • Surprisingly good pressure: Strong pressure with almost every move can cancel jump, huge stop on j.2K (drill), and control angle using anti-air and item.
  • Air presence: Very strong air and air-to-air attacks.
  • Great dust: 5D invincible YRC’ed.
  • Low profile: The box is strangely painful and can gather information about the low profile many times.


  • Long Body: The box of great pain when being hit causes Faust to suffer many strong combo attacks.
  • Reduced Random Items: Random items lead to inconsistent rewards.
  • Slow Normals: His fastest normal has 6 boot frames, 1 more frame than the normal character, and many attacks with an extended recovery time
  • Airdash: Slow airdash makes it difficult to get out of corners and localize.
  • Lengthy Wakeup: Long waking times mean keeping the pressure on Faust can be quite easy.
  • Easy to low profile: Many of his attacks are highly configurable.
  • Awkward Reversals: 5D has a long warm-up and is throwable, and he depends on measured inversions

Special Moves

  • Rerere Thrust: Scalpel Pulls are great for canceling out after long-range slits because it pushes them backward and leads to good damage if it connects.
  • Hack n’ Slash: HackNSlash is a “cannot block nearby”, it really just works as a handy command grab command.
  • Going My Way: Mainly used for canceling after jump-in or j.2k for gimmicks and pressure.
  • From the Front/Behind/Above: All versions are punishable, all have an elongated starter, and all can be avoided or blocked by diagonally jumping and using error-free defense in midair.
  • Spear Point Centripetal Dance: 236S is a special core for combos. The move puts Faust in the pogo position, there are a lot of tricks, but if you don’t mix, you’re very vulnerable in this one.
  • Love: Love is a trusty Faust bullet, and it covers a pretty deep corner below you. It is susceptible to attacks by most characters or non-confrontational people, so don’t throw it out as often as they don’t handle items.
  • Taunt (Face FLASH!): This is him really the notorious serial killer Dr. Beckhead? The world may never know.
  • What Could This Be?: His infamous item pitch, be prepared for whatever item is released, and how your opponent will react to it. His kits revolve around his items, so grab as many as you can.

Faust Instant Kill


Expressed in Hellfire

  • Use c.S.
  • Give them their dreams a transformation. (but really, don’t use this unless you have a way of incorporating it. or they are stunned)
  • 9 ~ 22 Full Invuln [5 ~ 15 Full]