Game CMD 368

Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: I-No Special Moves, Instant Kill


I-No is a bit difficult to use but overall has some great potential at mastering. Her strongest point is her ability to mixup. Instead of standard ground gliding, she possesses a unique Morrigan-style hover that allows her to fly in the air, allowing her to use her aerial moves without having to jump. This allows her to create painfully hard, relentless pressure using the rapidly increasing total cost, fool low and delayed or tampered cost chains.

I-No Pros & Cons



  • High / Low Match: Powerful high / low match options with her unique hover dash.
  • Faultless Defense Cancellation: Powerful high / low cross and mixed option with j.D FDC technique.
  • Oki Queen: Overpowering okizeme tool with projectile Note and YRC’d Vertical Chemical Love.
  • Tons of o ‘Supers: Outstanding superb – Safe Super reversal when blocked and Powerful Super Air has 0 post-flash boot frames and has enough frame advantage to follow with a combo if hit block out.
  • Huge damage: Damage in the middle corner and high screen without having to spend a clock.
  • Air Throwing: The range is high and has an overhead throw.


  • Low health: Health effectiveness is below average.
  • Mediocre Normals: Use sparingly for normal moves of I-No outside of close and mid-range situations; can’t really resist teasing.
  • Ground Dash: Her unique ground strike can make it difficult to get out of certain situations during certain matches.
  • Anti-air is not reliable: Non-situational (5p, j.p, 6p, 6hs, VCL; depending on context).
  • Reverse Delay: Super-active reversing 2 frames after the flash, so it’s easy to bait and can be punished in response.
  • Mindgames: Must read correctly in order to use her tools effectively.

Special Moves

  • Antidepressant Scale: Shoot the notes in the range to try to force other players to block so you can enter. Also, shoot notes on oki to try to scare other players to block so you can run mixed.
  • Stroke the Big Tree: The S version wobbles at ground level and can be linked to 5K if close enough. However, if they don’t blend fast enough, you can use this opportunity to take down or try to reset.
  • Chemical Love: I-No flips and emits an incoming beam that is quite far horizontally, but can be collapsed. It also puts you in a recovery state, which is very dangerous if the opponent is bent over.
  • Chemical Love: Hit is quite difficult and has improved recovery on landing. Used in corner loops to deal massive damage. When used in active airdash frames, this move causes the I-No to fall rapidly, helping to improve subsequent options. There was just enough time in her plane to link j.K> j.S> VCL and still falling fast. Airborne on frame 1.
  • Sterilization Method: It’s an airplane with the most range in the game. Unlike Heavenly Potemkin Buster, it’s actually a throw rather than an unstoppable air-to-air attack, so you can throw explosions with it.

I-No Instant Kill


It’s hard to find a reliable combo to fit in, so it’s best not to use it. If you really want, the Blitz Shield is fully charged and the D-> 6 in the corner usually comes in handy.