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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Jack-O Special Moves, Instant Kill



Jack-O brings a new and unique fighting style to the game. Her playstyle revolves around summoning three types of Servants that suck their way toward opponents that attack them while within range. These Servants start off at base level 1, where their attacks are weak and have a short-range, but throughout the round, there will be a chance to level them up to a maximum level of 3.

Jack-O Pros & Cons



  • Minion pressure: Extremely angular pressure with Servants can eliminate many options for retaliation
  • Reward setting: Multiple moves to keep the enemy in the corner and buy time so Servants can level up
  • Mixup Queen: A series of high/low/unstoppable moves to get your opponent to guess
  • Neutral Queen: Basic attacks can be used for serious frame traps and space control (neutral)
  • Swarm Queen: Servants of Jack-O can cause a great distraction to an opponent’s game plan if set correctly (especially when they are timed)


  • Some Settings Required: Needs a waiter for safe corner pressure
  • Stress Link Dust: Her D attacks automatically consume a small amount of Tension Force to strengthen herself, making her heavily dependent on her watch.
  • Needs gauge: It takes the stress to get out of oppressive situations
  • Stop helping out too much: Waiters can interfere with your combo and put pressure if you don’t pay attention to their position
  • Vulnerable without setting: Loses a lot of motivation when the servant leaves (by attack or duration) and when the Ghosts are destroyed

Special Moves

  • Ghost Set: Place a Phantom on the screen, a Servant will appear later. There can be up to 2 corresponding Servants on the field. Meter gets passive when standing near Ghosts.
  • Ghost Pick Up: Pick up a ghost nearby. You can then throw the Ghost, put it away, or put it down once you’ve picked it up.
  • Ghost Place: She put the Ghost under her feet. Not often used because you often throw it away or in dangerous situations, you throw it away.
  • Ghost Put Away: She absorbs and removes any Ghosts from the game while restoring their health and maintaining their level. Ghosting can also be done in the air, so IADB Ghosting can be a good tactic to use in emergencies.
  • Ghost Throw: Picked up ghosts is thrown forward.
  • Organ Deployment: She enters a state like she is playing an organ. From there, Jack-O can enter different commands for the Ghosts / Servants playing.
  • Recover All: Retrieve and recover all Ghost / Servants from the game while maintaining their Levels.
  • Clock Up: Mainly used to make it easier to lock off opponents to Servants.
  • Explode: It is rare to see commands from one organ more than the others used but in rare cases, it can be helpful to exert pressure on the opponent.
  • Aegis Field: A transparent orb surrounds Jack-O making her projectile impenetrable for 6 seconds.

Jack-O Instant Kill


I Want Out: Filling an opponent’s face with servants could provide a way to combine it with ease. If not, most of her combos are not suitable to end with IK.