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Heroes of the Storm: Gul’dan Talent Build Guide


Gul’dan is a long-range assassin with good siege, wave-fighting, and combat abilities. This unique hero has the ability to replenish Mana by using the Life Tap at the cost of his own Health. Life Tap combined with Drain Life gives him some of the best overall self-sustaining abilities in the game, as he can very quickly restore all of his Health after spending a large portion of his it’s to restore Mana.

It is very important to play him to maintain the right balance between Health and Energy, so as not to end your life in a situation of compromise. Despite his lack of available utility, he immenses amount of raw damage makes him a valuable asset for most team-mates and a respectable force.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Gul’dan



  • Fel Flame provides good waveclear
  • High multi-target damage output
  • Incredibly maintained thanks to Life Tap and Drain Life
  • Horrify provides great utility despite its relatively long cooldown


  • The Health and Mana teams require continuous monitoring due to their unique co-dependency relationship
  • Extremely easy to be controlled by the crowd
  • There is no closer gap or utility in the Basic Abilities
  • Requires good placement in teamfights and teamfights

Talent Build

Corruption Build

Echoed Corruption (lv1), Consume Soul (lv4) – Improved Life Tap, Hunger for Power (lv7), Horrify (lv10), Healthstone (lv13), Ruinous Affliction (lv16), Haunt (lv20) – Demonic Circle.

The version of Corruption includes talents that will maximize the overall effectiveness of Corruption in battle. Completing the Echoed Corrupt gives him a spike in power, so it is important for Gul’dan to take down as many Corrupts as possible on the enemy Heroes from the start of the match. The Corrupt’s long-range makes it great for defending and besieging fortifications, as well as poking enemies to take on specific targets on the battlefield like the Altar on the Tower of Destruction.

Drain Life Build

Chaotic Energy (lv1), Health Funnel (lv4), Curse of Exhaustion (lv7), Horrify (lv10), Harvest Life (lv13), Darkness Within (lv16), Haunt (lv20) – Demonic Circle.

Drain Life is currently the best build to use on him. The talent choices in this build focus heavily on alleviating the downside of choosing him, primarily his healing due to the way Life Tap works. With Drain Life build, Gul’dan will have excellent presence and lane retention, at later levels he will get a lot of explosive damage if you manage to play around Darkness Within.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Like most long-range assassins, he works best with a solid frontline to give him dependable cover and support to keep his Health at its best. since he will need to use it to Life Tap to get Mana.

Countered by:

He no closer range left him struggling the most with highly mobile assassins, mostly those with a reliable form of crowd control to interject his Drain Life channel.

Maps of Gul’dan

He is a good overall pick and works well for most, if not all, maps. However, he excels in 3-lane maps where you’ll need to turn around between two lanes. Thanks to his Fel Flame ability, Gul’dan is able to wipe out waves faster than most other heroes. His teamfight potential is also strong enough to make him a viable pick on any map when a team is in need of a reliable long-range assassin.