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Guns of Icarus Alliance Guide – Some Tips That You Need To Know

Guns of Icarus Alliance

Muse Games’ Guns of Icarus Alliance has garnered a lot of love on PC. And now that it’s finally made it to PS4, it’ll likely garner even more interested followers. As a crew member of an airborne pirate crew, you are charged with keeping your steam-powered airship afloat. However, that task is quite difficult – opponent’s spaceships try to take you down, different factions vying for world domination, and the environment itself presents a list of dangers to overcome. 

Communication – Guns of Icarus Alliance

Guns of Icarus Alliance 2

There are several ways to communicate in battle – voice chat, text chat, and voice commands help bridge the language barrier. Teams that do well in combat tend to communicate with each other, constantly keeping the ship within the arc of enemy targets and emerging.

The game is unique as Steam and PS4 players can talk to each other seamlessly during the match. Take advantage! Voice chat is also multi-tiered and multi-channel in battle. You have one channel to talk to teammates and one channel to other captains if you are yourself. This way you won’t have 16 people shouting at each other.


Guns of Icarus Alliance 1

Ships in the sky can be made in many different ways in Guns of Icarus Alliance. Each ship has shields, balloons, propulsion, rotary engines, and turrets. All of these can be damaged and disabled and will affect the ship in different ways. Break the balloon? The ship will fall and collide. Turn off the engine and the ship will turn around or stop. Deplete the shield? The ship will begin to suffer hull damage.

There are over 30 unique and massive guns in the game, and all of them are designed to optimally target different components. They’re also best used in combination – a focused gun for armor penetration, followed by a quick burst of mortars or shrapnel to destroy. To play as the vet, know your guns and shoot them in sequence and choose the right time to destroy the ship.

Ramming Speed – Guns of Icarus Alliance

Can ships crash into each other, and kill each other? You bet they can. In fact, some ships are designed to crash. The pyramids have always been a favorite, and while Galleon and Corsair are big and sluggish, they can be a terrifying sight to behold when smashed into them. Rams can be boosted by a driving skill called Moonshine (yes, moonshine…).

When you activate it, it locks your ship and propels it forward. The resulting force from your ship’s mass multiplied by the increased acceleration from the moon can crush a ship, especially since the permanent hull is vulnerable. To cushion a ship, navigators can use a tool called Impact Bumpers, which reduces the force exerted on the ship. Ramming is a lot of fun, we can’t deny it, but don’t hit the slopes!

Popping Balloons

Guns of Icarus Alliance

How can these giant airships float in Guns of Icarus Alliance? With their balloons of course! Targeting hot air balloons is a tactic some longtime players use to great effect, and it’s a great way to counter powerful but less maneuverable airships. Small and nimble ships like the Squid, Goldfish, and Shrike are adept at circling, flanking, and chewing on enemy balloons.

When using this tactic, make sure to hover above the enemy to gain altitude and an “in the air” advantage so that enemy ships can’t easily return fire and take your balloon weapon. The best anti-balloon weapons are light and heavy carronades at close range, and Lumberjack at long range. If you master the arc of Lumberjack, you will be a prize that all the top clans will contest.

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