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Hades guide: Nectar, Keepsakes, and Ambrosia, explained

Hades guide

As you play Hades, you’ll find a variety of items that can be used to permanently upgrade Zagreus so he’s ready for longer runs. In this Hades guide, we cover three related items that rank among the most useful in the game: Nectar, Keepsakes, and Ambrosia. Make sure you grab the Nectar whenever you can, as it grants ultimate access to powerful Keepsakes that make your life much easier.

Nectar – Hades Guide

Hades guide

When you make the ill-fated Demons run towards the surface, you’ll sometimes enter rooms giving Nectars when you clear them. When you visit the Miserable Broker, you can also exchange five Chthonic Keys for a single Nectar. There are some other situations where you also get additional Nectars.

Nectar does not disappear from your inventory when you die. While you can end up exchanging your Nectar for interesting items while visiting the Miserable Broker, you’re better off giving it away to the underworld’s most notable inhabitants. The Keepsake rewards they offer in exchange for a unique Nectar rank are among the most useful in the game, and you can get them quickly (more on that in a moment).

There are 24 individuals you can bribe in this way. Most of these NPCs frequently appear in the Great Hall and surrounding areas. Others reside in more hostile territory. Approach your ally and press the designated button to give them a Nectar. If you want to give a Nectar to a god, tap the designated button before establishing a connection and choose your benefit.


Hades guide

In the second part of Hades guide, the first time you give a Nectar to a specific character, you’ll get a Keepsake in return. Before you start your next run, equip the Keepsake by accessing the cabinet located to the left of your various weapons in the large room with the Skelly training dummy. You will wear the desired Keepsake for the entire run unless you purchase the Keepsake Collection, a regional upgrade from House Contractor. That upgrade allows you to change your equipped Keepsake between regions.

As you wipe out enemy encounters with a specific Keepsake item, the Keepsake slowly increases in rank and its abilities improve. Example: The next Boon Guarantee Owl Pendant you find comes from Athena (once per run). By default, it also improves the odds of getting Rare or better blessings by 10%. That odds increase to 15% in the second tier and 20% in the top tier. Other coupons offer perks or stat improvements when you meet different requirements.

Ambrosia – Hades Guide

Hades guide

Some NPCs will eventually give you a second gift, in addition to their Keepsake, in exchange for a rarer item called Ambrosia. You obtain Ambrosia by first clearing the third zone with each Infernal Weapon equipped and after that point, it is also available to trade through the Wretched Broker.

Start by establishing a strong bond with a character using Nectar and conversation. Depending on the NPC, some other simple quests may also be required. Finally, you will have the option of offering a bottle of Ambrosia. The first time you deliver Ambrosia, you will receive a companion. There are only six characters with companions to offer: Achilles, Dusa, Meg, Sisyphus, Skelly, and Thanatos.

The Hades guide here is you can choose which companion to take with you on the run by accessing the Keepsake cabinet. By default, you can only summon one companion once per escape. If you upgrade your companion’s rating by providing more Ambrosia, that number will increase.