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Hades noob guide: 4 tips for your first few hours

Hades noob guide

Hades is an incredible control-based video game set in the Greek underworld. When you first jump into Hades, it can be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot to go into, a lot of decisions to make, and the game’s purpose is not to give you all the information you need. Part of Hades’ appeal is that you discover how the game works, but there are still a few things to keep in mind as you begin your journey. Here is the Hade noob guide to help you get through your first few hours in Hades.

Focus On Keys – Hades noob guide

Hades noob guide

When you finish a battle in the underworld, you will see the reward for an upcoming room displayed on the door leading out. Some of these bonuses, like Boons, benefit your run. But others, like Shadows and Keys, let you upgrade Zagreus for your next foray into the Underworld.

In this Hades noob guide, When you start, focus on the Keys (they look like keys, so it’s hard to miss). Keys unlock new weapons in the House of Hades and new skills for you to choose from the Mirror of Night.

You’ll have plenty of runs to win, so keep an eye on the future and grab those Keys early. Focus on getting all the weapons in Hades first. It’s a fun way to spice up your game every run.

Spreads Your Nectar Around

Hades noob guide

One of the other random items you can find in the underworld is the Nectar. It’s like a gift for the unplayable characters in Hades. Give Nectar to characters like Nyx or Cerberus and you will improve your relationship with them.

At first, it’s best to give Nectar to a variety of characters.

The first time you give a Nectar to a character, they will give you a Keepsake. Their appreciation tokens also have game implications, like bonus gold, health, or damage under certain conditions. Keep your options open. Give each Nectar character once before Giving multiple times to the same Nectar character.

Keep Some Nectar – Hades noob guide

For this Hades noob guide, keep a Nectar in your pocket, at least until you have all the Gifts.

Some Hades characters just appear randomly. We ran more than 5 times without seeing Patroclus, Eurydice, Thanatos, and Sisyphus. Since coming across them is random, keep some Nectars with you, in case you find them.

You’ll know an event room through the front door preview, where there’s a gray rock with an exclamation mark on it. Sisyphus appears in Tartarus, Eurydice appears in Asphodel, Patroclus appears in Elysium and Thanatos is a random event in any region after you meet him in Elysium.

Go For The Experiment

Hades noob guide

Part of the reason you should get the Keys early is so you have access to tons of abilities and weapons in the first place. During those first hours, you’ll still learn how things work as you play, and each new Boon and boss will be a surprise.

You will lose quite a few times before you complete the final boss. Focus more on testing and less on kicking ass. You’ll eventually make your way through bosses and areas, but in the beginning, pick weapons and Boons that you wouldn’t normally just know about the potential in Hades. Who knows, you might find a combination you never expected.