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Everything we know in the Halo Infinite Tenrai event

Halo Infinite Tenrai event

Halo Infinite Tenrai event

The Halo Infinite Tenrai event has arrived and brought new samurai-inspired Spartan armor sets and the legendary Yoroi Armor Core for players to equip. Tenrai Events has its own 30-tier Battle Pass, which is free for all players, and completing event-specific challenges will allow you to climb the ranks and claim a pass reward.

Dates of Halo Infinite Tenrai event 

The Halo Infinite Tenrai event is live now and will run until November 29, which means you’ve got less than a week to do what you can to complete challenges and unlock rewards when pass the event. However, the event will return in January and February 2022, so this is not your only chance to get the possible rewards.

Remember, this first season runs until May 22 and promises “multiple in-game events with their own rewards and activities”. Hopefully, there will be even more opportunities to get event armor sets and even other events with their own unique cosmetic rewards. In the meantime, all of your unlocks and progress during the current beta will be carried over from the Halo Infinite beta to the full release on December 8.

Rewards of Halo Infinite Tenrai event 

The main attraction of the Halo Infinite Tenrai multiplayer event is the Yoroi Armor Core and all the samurai themed armor you can equip on it. To get some of these items, you’ll need to level up your event pass by completing challenges – more on that below.

Unfortunately, there is a significant portion of event items that can only be purchased through the in-game store for Credits, which is the premium currency for Halo Infinite. The Tenrai event card is also filled with Challenge Swap and XP Grants to fill the void. The XP Grants in this event pass are different from the Battle Pass’s XP Boosts because they at least give you a certain amount of XP instead of increasing the amount of XP you get for a limited time. This means they will really get you through the regular Battle Pass levels.

Here are most of the rewards you can get from the free Halo Infinite Tenrai event card:

  • Legendary Armor Core Yoroi – Level 5
  • Gatekeeper Shoulder Pads – From Level 10 and 15
  • Sol Devil Weapon Coating for Assault Rifle – Level 20
  • Whispering Sky Weapon Overlay for Sidekick and Battle Rifle – Level 24 and 28
  • Yokai Helmet – Level 25
  • Swordsman’s Belt Legendary Utility – Level 30
  • Icons to customize your armor, weapons, and Spartan ID
  • 6 Challenges Swap and 10 XP Grants

How event pass works

The Halo Infinite multiplayer Fracture: Tenrai event has its own event card that works similar to the regular Battle Pass. It only has 30 bonus tiers, instead of the usual 100 and is free for all players, so you won’t have to spend any real money to get the premium version of the event card. You’ll also be able to access it as soon as you log in while the event is active – no need to download or unlock anything to gain access.

Like the Halo Infinite Battle Pass, you can only level up through the Tenrai event by completing challenges, although the pass itself is not XP-based and the challenges you complete must be event challenges Tenrai. These special Fiesta playlist challenges are marked with an orange banner to show that they are event-specific. 

Completing an event challenge will give you a level on your Halo Infinite Tenrai event card, so you’ll need to complete 30 event challenges to complete the pass. Please note that this is not possible during the first week of the event, so don’t bother testing out Halo Infinite’s multiplayer as much as you can in the hopes of completing a pass of upcoming events.

You can find your event challenges in the challenges log tab, where you can find all your normal weekly challenges. You can see if Tenrai even challenges you now and what challenges you can get later by switching to ‘Upcoming Challenges’. While these event challenges also reward XP on completion, any XP you get from completing the Tenrai event challenges goes to your Part 1 Battle Card, not the Tenrai event card.