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Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports Prediction – World Championship – 10/05

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports Prediction

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports prediction on October 05, 2021. In BO1 format, experts want to prioritize the team from China. Because sometimes Chovy and the company need an “overclock card”. In addition, LNG can also be on par with HLE in terms of skill. But in this game, things are not so simple and experts recommend only placing a small bet.

Hanwha Life Overview

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports Prediction

Although they finished in third place like T1 in the LCK 2021 Summer, due to the inferiority of international competition, Hanwha Life Esports had to give up the 3rd seed in the region to this opponent. This result also means that Korea has all 3 names to go straight to the main event of the world finals 2021. Hanwha Life Esports will be forced to take a detour and look for their opportunities in matches with many big names in other regions of the world.

LNG Esports Overview

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports Prediction

The world finals are almost here and now there are still 4 tickets left for the main event that has not been determined. The first 2 teams to receive the honor to compete in the opening match of the Play-Ins round will be are 2 representatives from Group A: LNG Esports and Hanwha Life Esports. 

LNG Esports is a representative from China and recently achieved 4th place in the domestic tournament, LPL 2021 Summer, to go to the current Play-Ins round of the world finals. LNG Esports had to overcome 2 other very strong teams in the regional qualifiers, Rare Atom and Team WE.

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports Prediction

Hanwha Life Esports had a pretty good season, lubricating it with their performance in the summer split. However, a 3rd place in the spring and a good performance in the regional finals paid off and Team Chovy was able to advance to the Play-In round. 

HLE’s game has always seemed very insecure to me: everything is tightly tied in the early game. They definitely need to win to have a chance of winning the map, as the team isn’t doing very well from the lead. Experts will not tire of repeating that Chovy remains the main driver of the team. Judging by his practice in ranked matches of the European ladder, he is ready to break through.

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports Prediction

LNG Esports has become a real discovery of the season, but so far only in China. Tarzan’s experience helped the rest of the team reach their full potential. They become one of the strongest teams in their region in just one season. Aggressive gameplay combined with good jungling will be the main weapon of LNG Esports at this Worlds.

With the Bo1 competition format applied in the matches of the Play-Ins group stage, it is certain that a draw will not be possible. A mistake during the competition will also have to pay a very expensive price. Predicting the final result of this match will be 1-0 in favor of the Chinese representative, LNG Esports.

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports Bet Prediction

Hanwha Life vs LNG Esports total score prediction:

Game 1: LNG Esports wins

Total score 1-0

First blood:

Game 1: LNG Esports

Total kills:

Game 1: Hanwha Life Esports 14 – 18 LNG Esports


LNG Esports: icon, Iwandy, ALE, Tarzan, Light , M1kuya, Kedaya, LP

Hanwha Life Esports: Deft, Morgan, Vsta, Chovy, yoHan, DuDu, Willer