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Happy Home Paradise Guide – Tips for setting up a clothing store

Happy Home Paradise

Happy Home Paradise

The last facility you will build in Happy Home Paradise is a garment shop. Yes, that’s right, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC lets you create a clothing store to compete with the Able Sisters back on your island. You won’t be able to display your own assortment of clothing here, but you’ll be able to check out a brand new rotating inventory selection to celebrate your archipelago adventures.

Type of item – Happy Home Paradise

Happy Home Paradise

The most important part of designing your new clothing store in Happy Home Paradise is figuring out what kind of clothes you want to buy there. One of the items needed to create a store is to place between one and six display mannequins. There are options for shirts, trousers, and hats. You can set any configuration you love, but what you choose will be reflected in the clothing items you can purchase. Everything else in the store is for display only, so choose wisely.

Once you’ve chosen a style, why not let that shape the mood of your store? While Able Sisters seems to be taking a somewhat casual approach, you can design your clothing store however you want. Show off your style, whether it’s a vibrant pink boutique with the cutest clothes you can find or something a little edgier that embraces his pop-punk past.

Leave space for decoration 

Although the apparel store will have the lowest pedestrian traffic on the island, you still need to think about space. The mannequins themselves will need to be accessible enough, and then you’ll want to have enough space to move around them and decorate the rest of the store with displays, pants, and clothes. clothes and other items. You can always resize the room later if needed, but it gets harder once you’ve started decorating.

The theme of the apparel shop

Then you’ll want to think about the type of apparel store you’re creating. You can choose to theme around a particular style of clothing, such as cute clothes with lots of pastel colors. Or you can buy something like a thrift store, with other items on display alongside the clothing. Or you can go high fashion, with a gold watch and diamond ring offered with a cashmere suit and sweater.

The changing rooms – Happy Home Paradise

Happy Home Paradise

No good clothing store is complete without a dressing area, so make sure to reserve space for at least one closet and something to give your shoppers some privacy. You can use partitions or partitions to create space, even add a sofa and mirror to create a small dressing room area suitable for shoppers to try on clothes and other accessories.

Keep coming back – Happy Home Paradise

Of course, creating your own apparel store is only a small part of its allure. From now on, your new store will offer a variety of new items daily, just like Able Tailors returns to your island. You can even choose for your store to stock a certain type of item if you’re looking for something specific.

Create unique sections 

Happy Home Paradise

With so many different ways to display your goods, you can also divide your store into dedicated areas for each specific type of item by dividing walls. Unlocked by talking to Niko in the Happy House expansion, these walls allow you to divide certain parts of the building, and they also work in the clothing store. Once you’ve picked the perfect outfit, create a piece of footwear or accessories to really complete the look.