April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Harith Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Harith is a mobile mage with a very high magic damage output. Skill 2 allows creating virtual armor that not only enhances survivability but also increases the ability of this champion to take down. The skillset allows Harith to get in and out of combat easily and can assist in a variety of situations.

Skills of Harith


Passive: Key Insight

Harith looks through the enemy with Key and immediately reduces the crowd control time by up to 45% based on the number of nearby enemy champions. The passive will help him get rid of crowd control effects like stun, root, and toss faster when facing more than one enemy hero.

Skill 1: Synchro Fission

He creates an illusion on the opposite side and together casts Synchro Fission, dealing magic damage to the target hit. When flying to the center of the attack will explode, dealing fatal magic damage to all targets within the blast range.

Skill 1 allows him to poke the opponent at a safe distance. It is also useful for last hitting minions, harassing enemies, or jungle monsters. Try to cast your skill to hit enemies in the center circle to maximize damage output.

Skill 2: Chrono Dash

He glided in the indicated direction. After dashing steals the magic power of nearby target heroes, creating virtual armor that absorbs damage, and his next basic attack is enhanced. This attack deals magic damage, slowing the target’s movement speed. An empowered basic attack that hits the target will decrease this ability’s cooldown.

Skill 2 is extremely useful in both fighting and fleeing. He receives virtual armor and also has a reduced cooldown when attacking a target.

Skill 3: Zaman Force

Harith used the Key to summon the Zaman Force. When a spell appears, Chrono Dash’s current cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds. The battle slows down the target’s movement speed for a period of time. If he dashes out of the Zaman Force range, the Synchro Fission / Chrono Dash cooldown will be reduced by 1/3 second respectively.

Be sure to use your skill 2 to dash through any part of the magic battle from your ultimate to reduce cooldown and maximize kills.

Battle spells and Emblems


Battle spell:

Flicker – Aegis


Mage Emblem: Mastery – Observation – Impure Rage

How to build items for Harith

  • Calamity Reaper + Magic Shoes + Enchanted Talisman + Ice Queen Wand + Concentrated Energy + Blood Wings
  • Magic Shoes + Calamity Reaper + Feather of Heaven + Concentrated Energy + Holy Crystal + Genius Wand
  • Magic Shoes + Calamity Reaper + Concentrated Energy + Thunder Belt + Oracle + Blood Wings

Tips when playing Harith

  • Always try to hit any target (prioritize enemy heroes) after using skill 2 to reduce cooldown.
  • Use ultimate in the fighting.
  • Always use the ability within range or pass through the Zaman Force, hitting the target will reduce the cooldown, as well as achieve the highest amount of damage output.
  • Use ultimate of Harith to slow as many targets as possible while trying to take them down.