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Top 4 Best Harry Potter Games To Try In 2021

Harry Potter games

Harry Potter is a beloved movie series. From novels to blockbuster movies, fans around the world can’t find out enough about this universe. We’ve even seen a ton of Harry Potter games hit the market with fans eager to get their hands on Hogwarts Legacy. Although Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed to 2021, this does give some fans some time to replay or learn about other Harry Potter video games from the past to try it out in the meantime. 

Book of Spells – Harry Potter games

Harry Potter games

Book of Spells is a game aimed primarily at a younger audience, and it’s one of the PlayStation Camera games on our list. With Book of Spells, players are using a PlayStation Move controller along with a camera to go through some sort of AR story game. This is a PlayStation 3 title that allows the player to peruse the fictional book of various spells that the player can mimic with their PlayStation Move controller. Again, there’s not much depth here but for younger kids, it’s a thrilling AR game to dive into the Harry Potter universe.

Book of Potions – Harry Potter games

Another game to mention is the sequel to Book of Spells. The title came out a year later in 2013 when players received another AR book to play with. Like the previous game, players will need a PlayStation Camera alone with a PlayStation Move controller. This title could have more content for players to enjoy as the developers have come up with a storyline in which our protagonist discovers a mystical book written by a young Hogwarts student hundreds of years ago.

Through the use of this book, the player can create some extremely powerful potions. Players have now entered the Wizarding School Potions Championship. Furthermore, players will slowly learn more about Zygmunt Budge, the mysterious student who wrote the book many years ago.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4

Harry Potter games

Lego games have always been a popular game with fans. They’re often great games that provide parodies of the source material’s story while also offering some fun fighting style mechanics. Combined with good reviews, players can usually expect some puzzles to be solvable as well, and at this point, we have Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. One of the Harry Potter games should be pretty clear about what you can expect for this game.

Here players will get a summary of the Harry Potter series for the first four movies. The title offers a split-screen mode that allows players to work together, although that means some storylines will be changed to allow both players to play the game at the same time. For example, instead of a part of the game based entirely on Harry Potter, a supporting character like Hermione could be involved.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7

Harry Potter games

To wrap up this Harry Potter games list, we have Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 once again picking up from the previous point. Here we have completed the Lego adaptation of the Harry Potter movies. Much of the same gameplay and mechanics are also introduced in this title while the developers have helped give the game some minor improvements.

For example, there is the ability to cast certain spells like Wingardium Leviosa without having to select that particular spell every time. Again, if you liked the previous point and the game offers some light parody version of the iconic wizard storyline then you’ll have a lot of fun here.