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Heroes of the Storm: Diablo Talent Build Guide


Diablo is an aggressive Tank. With many crowd control skills that can make an opponent teleport, he excels at setting up and splitting for his teammates, while also punishing poor positions. However, his Teleportation is double-edged and can help opponents more than hinder them from being abused.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Diablo



  • Good self-sustain
  • Very large Health pool
  • On-demand initialization is extremely reliable
  • Flexible hero abilities and defensive talent choices
  • Excellent in preventing and sloughing the body
  • Can be revived very quickly from death through Black Soulstone


  • Limited escapability
  • Single target damage is very low, resulting in poor fire and siege
  • There are no reliable means of dealing long-range damage beyond Lightning Breath

Talent Build of Diablo

Standard Build

Feast on Fear (lv1), Life Leech (lv4), Diabolical Momentum lv7), Apocalypse (lv10), Cruelty (lv13) – Devastating Charge, Domination (lv16) – Overpowering Nightmare, Hellgate (lv20)

This standard version offers self-sustaining and damages an equally fair target. As an important Talent, Diabolical Momentum allows Feast on Fear to activate frequently through repeated uses of Abilities to increase survivability in battle.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Since Diablo offers reliable starting vehicles, it is natural that he will cooperate well with Heroes with strong and reliable gameplay and follow the said start. Any Hero that stuns, Roots, or interferes with the movement of specified targets will take priority, but the Hero Ability combined with Apocalypse produces particularly effective combo attacks.

Countered by:

As a Tank with a large amount of Health, he is naturally very vulnerable to percentage damage Heroes. His reliance on teamfighting to be impactful also puts him out of favor against some of the more resilient backline Assassins who have the tools to avoid or disable his Shadow Charge + Overpower combination.

Maps of Diablo

As a first-line ganker, he thrives on the Map giving him plenty of opportunities to catch isolated Heroes or interrupt the spins. In general, this includes a Targeted Map with an altered location. In contrast, Maps with Static Targets or that require you to kill specific Monsters are unlikely to match Diablo, who lacks sustained damage, though cleverly tapping terrain with Shadow Charge does can compensate for this weakness.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember that after reviving with Black Soulstone, your HP will be 30% smaller.
  • Fire Stomp can hit any target up to five times in the melee range.
  • Use Overpower right behind Shadow Charge to unconditionally move your opponent towards your teammates.
  • Use Lightning Breath when you suspect you might be the target of a crowd control chain, as it leaves you unstoppable in time.
  • Use Apocalypse right in front of Shadow Charge and Overpower to unconditionally stun your target.

Role in the Current Meta

His main strength lies in his infamous Shadow Charge + Overpower combo, being able to move and control a target he selects unconditionally, while also localizing his very hero Ability options. strong. Because the mercenary camps’ ability to wage war, besiege and reclaim the Mercenaries is limited by the low amount of damage, he is often chosen for his ability to initiate and resist teamwork based on a single employee. primary damage or Healer. Since he is widely recognized as one of the best initiators in the game, Diablo players are expected to pick an aggressive position and look for ganking opportunities or Heroes who stand out of position while doing Interrupt Key Skills.