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Hearthstone – 10 basic things to understand



Hearthstone is a card game of NPH Blizzard that is storming the gaming community from PC to Tablet. In this long series, we will send you all the useful tips and game tips.

Strategy tips for new players


Before going into the series of tutorials and building advanced decks for beginners to approach and use, we will share some of the experience and necessary tactical thinking that experienced players have concluded.

Card Advantage – Hearthstone

This is a common concept in the collection of card games in general and Hearthstone in particular. The main advantage is that when you have more cards on hand than your opponent, this will give you the ability to make more choices with situations that the opponent can make. To gain the ability to gain cards, you will need magic cards or monsters withdraw effects or cards that deal large area damage. For example, a magic card dealing large area damage Flamestrike can be exchanged for two to four opponent’s monster cards to shorten or increase the distance between the two players.

Chance of drawing cards


Almost all decks that are used and successful in the Hearthstone arena must have monster cards or spells that can draw cards, especially in the case of General Warlock already has power. of the champion to draw cards, so the cards of this champion will be the exception.

Each general has a unique card to bring the ability to draw cards; such as Mage with Arcane Intellect or Shaman’s Mana Tide Totem. In the category of Neutral cards (Normal), cards such as Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, etc. are also used in decks in rank mode.

Optimize the use of each card – Hearthstone

It is important to have lots of cards to use, but the next step is to use them appropriately to get the most value from the card. In addition to the attack and health stats, you will have to make the most of the additional effects that the card can bring. However, in some circumstances of force majeure, playing cards, and not activating the complementary effect are necessary to take control of the table.

Know the specific cards of the enemy champion

Judging the monster cards and specific spells of enemy champions will help us have a better tactical shape about the possibilities. This will help us to make appropriate choices and prevention options. For example, against Hunter, players should maintain about 2 to 3 monsters on the table to reduce the value of the combination of Unleash The Hounds and Starving Buzzard.

Proactively change monsters on the table

Always do the exchange of monsters first, as this will help you be more beneficial in the exchange, and in the case of using the spell to wipe out your monsters and leave the enemy’s monsters. In some cases, if the opponent’s monster is too large and you have to take up to 3 monsters to defeat, it can also attack directly on the opponent’s champion.

Optimize the amount of mana used in a turn – Hearthstone

In Hearthstone, reasonable use of mana will give a great advantage in the later stages of the game. Especially for those who hold a Coin (cards increase extra mana), should not use Coin immediately for Hero Power but need to calculate for the next turn. If you have two 3-mana monsters, you can use the Coin to call one coin, and then you can call one more later, so that will make it easier to control and decide on the strategy.