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Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming Prediction – ESL Meisterschaft – 04/06

Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming prediction

Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming prediction

Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming prediction on April 06, 2021. Hehe united is the team that has won both times against 404 Multigaming in the group stage of ESL Meisterschaft 2020 Season 2, but still, the factors that contributed to those two victories have been defeated by colleague 404 Multigaming side in the first leg match of ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2021. Before the match, teams played 3 times. In doing so, hehe united has achieved 2 wins, compared to 1 win by 404 Multigaming e.V., respectively.

Hehe united Overview

Being one of the teams that have played the most in Group A of ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2021, but what Hehe united is only 5 points and 4th place when only once won the battle. won, failed 1 time, and was held up to 3 matches. According to Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming prediction expert, the first leg of the group stage is over, and Hehe united still has a lot to improve on if he wants to get himself in a good position after the group stage is over.

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404 Multigaming Overview

Same 5 points as their opponent in the upcoming match are Hehe united, but due to better performance, 404 Multigaming is temporarily ranked 3rd in Group A in ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2021 – General plus after 5 matches, 404 Multigaming has won 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. 404 Multigaming will kick off the second leg of the match against a rival who is already familiar with them at domestic tournaments, Hehe united.

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Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming prediction

According to Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming prediction expert, With what has been shown in recent times, we will easily see that this is a very well-balanced match, and it is very likely that a draw will happen, the two teams will continue to hold back. Each other is in Group A.

Hehe united vs 404 Multigaming result prediction

Total Score

  • Game 1: Hehe united wins
  • Game 2: 404 Multigaming wins
  • Total score 1-1

Total Kill Points

  • Game 1: Hehe united 27-24 404 Multigaming
  • Game 2: Hehe united 28-32 404 Multigaming

First Blood

  • Game 1: Hehe united
  • Game 2: Hehe united


  • Hehe united: Yuma, canceL^, Limitless, deihra, OmaRSinS
  • 404 Multigaming: Tackshot, Crayon, Ossi, Obvioslicher Karp, Thomsl

Past Encounters

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Victories in the last 5 matches: hehe united – 2/404 Multigaming e.V. – 3

Victories in 10 most recent matches: hehe united – 4/404 Multigaming e.V. – 5