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Team Fight Tactic: Here are the 3 best TFT 11.4 comps

TFT 11.4 comps

Set 4.5 Teamfight Tactics returns to the Four Fates meta with Legendary Pickers and four S-plus ranked ranks. The transformation has become a core component of TFT play again with the release of Patch 11.4. The winning player is leveling up to eight at stages 4-5, rolling down to receive four-cost Chosen units like Olaf, Aurelion Sol, and Aatrox. On average, players are hitting level eight and rolling down no later than 5-1. The player then has the option to build their best final board or go fast-nine to pick the five-cost Chosen at five costs for a Legendary build. Here comes the 3 best TFT 11.4 comps.

Olaf Slayer – TFT 11.4 comps

TFT 11.4 comps

Sejoani – Aatrox – Orn – Tryndamere – Olaf – Zilean – Sivir – Samira

There are two build ways for Olaf Slayer: Three Flexible Slayer and six Slayer. Six is ​​optimal but Flex can also show up with Chosen Swain or Morgana for two Syphoners. The best items in the slot (BIS) on Olaf are still Runnan’s Hurricane and Deathblade. Depending on the lobby, Guardian Angel, Last Whisper, Dragon’s Claw, and Infinity Edge are the solid third item options. And if the players toss up a two-star Samira, Olaf’s items will be transferred immediately.

Tryndamere is a solid second carry, using items similar to Olaf. Three Olaf Slayer can top four but need a Morellonomicon on a two-star Morgana, apart from two-star Swain. Sivir is the option owner for gadget items like Zeke’s Herald and Chalice of Power, while Sejuani and Aatrox use items like Shroud of Stillness and Redemption.


TFT 11.4 comps

Shyvana – Braum – Cho’Gath – Seyuani – Aurelion Sol – Swain – Lulu – Brand

Get rid of any major nerfs, the Dragonsoul TFT 11.4 comps feature paired with the Aurelion Sol three Mage is a powerful feature worth building on. Asol, Shyvana, Olaf, and Morgana were the picks with four preferred prices while Aurelion Sol and Shyvana were the primary and secondary carriers. Similar to Slayers, DragonSol can also use Olaf and three Slayers with five-priced Samira across the board at level nine.

Aurelion Sol’s BIS items are the Jeweled Gauntlet and Hextech Gunblade. Additional items that depend on the lobby meta are Guardian Angel, Hand of Justice, and Deathblade. Shyvana is best equipped with Runa’s Hurricane, Hand of Justice, and possibly Dragon’s Claw.

Vanguard/Mystic Fabled – TFT 11.4 comps

TFT 11.4 comps

Aatrox – Nautilus – Sejunai – Cho’Gath – Janna – Zilean – Yuumi – Neeko

Fabled returned after being upgraded each for Nautilus, Neeko, and Cho’Gath. Vanguards also received some help powering the two-star Aatrox and the two-star Braum. Triple Neeko has been nerfed but is still very strong when combined with the three-star Nautilus. Legendary champions are still often overlooked, so it’s sometimes ideal if you’re into three-star units at level seven.

Neeko is the main carry with BIS items like the Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge. The optional third items are Hand of Justice, Guardian Angel, and Blue Buff. Nautilus is a secondary carrier that uses defensive items like Dragon’s Claw, Sunfire Cape, and Hextech Gunblade. Mystics round out the top TFT 11.4 comps build with Yuumi utilizing Chalice of Power and Sejuani with Morellonomicon.