July 30, 2021


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Hero Focus – Introducing The Alone with the Devil Ax Axe Dota 2



Competitive battles often have the presence of Axe Dota 2. The flexibility in the gameplay and movement of this hero has created a separation of strength. A true cannon in small and large team battles of Dota 2.

Axe Dota 2’s skills information


Axe ‘s reputation is not that natural, this hero has formidable advantages. His skill system is the way he enrolls him in a huge Carry champion. Especially in the late game should have the damage contribution of every member. His skill system includes:

Berserker’s Call

His roar reverberated everywhere, impelling his enemies within the reach of him. When activated, he will also be provided with a corresponding amount of armor.

This is a trick to lure the weak enemies trying to flee back to him. While attracted to this skill, the player will not be able to use the skill.

Battle Hunger – Axe

A skill that deals direct damage to enemies. This technique is only applied to a single unit, but the effect is applied to multiple units.

Counter Helix – Axe

Increases the rate of counterattacking when attacked. This skill creates a beneficial effect for him. Especially when soloing with many other enemy units. You can go Tank or Semi tank to take advantage of the effect of this skill.

Culling Blade

A skill increases the ability to finish off the enemy. If he is pursuing, Axe finds that the enemy has reached the level of health matching this move. He will activate an attack to finish off the enemy champion. Cooldown will return to 0 if the enemy champion dies. A reasonable skill for predators like him.

Axe Skill tips for beginners


In order to effectively attack and defeat the enemy champion, players need to coordinate appropriate skills. This skill system will be used according to the following simple combos:

Battle Hunger + basic attack + Berserker’s Call

This combo set is suitable for ambushes. When the enemy stumbles near Axe you should activate Battle Hunger first to give advantage in the fight. The amount of damage due to this skill over time is huge.

Next, you do basic attack to create more damage before launching Berserker’s Call. Because usually, the enemy will get out of your range. Using Berserker’s Call will ensure the enemy cannot escape. And then there were countless deadly axes coming from him.

Berserker’s Call + Culling Blade

This is the best combo that helps you reach the enemy. When the enemy has 2/3 of your health par, you will activate a roar to draw nearby enemies. Continue to deal damage with regular attacks and finish with a Culling Blade.

This combo is most effective when the player encounters odd or solo 1 vs 1. Note that this combo should be used properly and in order because changing the sequence can cause a loss of effectiveness.

Especially when the strength between you and the enemy champion is not much. Basic attacks should also be inserted in the middle to ensure eligibility for the launching Culling Blade.

Restrictions on the power of Axe

No matter how perfectly built, the hero also brings certain weaknesses. Especially with a strong early game hero like him. You can review the following points:

Slow movement speed is easy to be caught

When Axe moves big body is a weakness. In many games, he became the focus of good Carry champions. If you are a smart player, you should give yourself the equipment to support the movement.

The first is to increase the mobility of the Ax. The second is to improve the General’s Farm ability.

Cooldown is long

Possessing hegemony skills but Ax’s cooldown speed is quite long. Players need to equip themselves with accurate calculations before launching. Because if Ax’s Ulti failed to defeat the enemy, it would take quite a while. The ax will take quite a bit of time to prepare for the next attack.

Late games are easy to become targets for the enemy team. Because he is slow and difficult to become strong, thanks to the build, Axe easily becomes a good bait. You should go with the team when turning to Late game to avoid being caught and hit & run to death.