August 3, 2021


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Hero Focus – Introducing The Lone wolf Lycan Dota 2



Lycan Dota 2 continues to make the top match only in this game. This is a hero with a very strong hero. The attack system provides him with hegemony abilities. Following the lonely path of the previous Pusher.

Discover about Lycan Dota 2


This hero actually shaped like a wolf. Lycan ‘s offensive and defensive capabilities are customizable. The speed coupled with the power has made our wolves flexible. He turned his hunting chorus into chilling. Every time hearing him walk. Players will always be in a defensive position to avoid being caught by him.

In Dota 2, this hero is like a bug, a man who painted nightmares. That is why he is often banned in professional matches.

Nobody wants such a monster to appear in their match. He will bring the following pros and cons, points that make the name of a hunter legend.

Guide to promote the advantages of Lycan


His Stat has made a fundamental difference to other heroes. He has the speed of a beast. You need to maximize the following points when holding him:

Farm speed is in the upper range, basic health recovery is fast and effective. Lycan is known as a champion that can withstand the lane very well. It didn’t take long for him to get stronger and hunt.

You need to pay attention to Farm carefully because in fact, saying Farm is the main way to help this hero improve himself.

The ability to push lane fast is also a point of note on him. The enemy turrets will be the main target for this hero. If you ignore vigilance, losing turrets will be the most natural thing when facing him.

A notable advantage when building up for him. You should choose the time when the enemy hero comeback home and push the turret. This way you will take away the enemy Farm and facilitate yourself to gank.

This predator also gains a loyal horde of minions. His wolves can deal massive damage. You can take advantage of this point in team fights to overwhelm the opponent.

Is a bloodthirsty person when encountering weak defensive enemies. He is ready to use all his strength to take down the opponent and regain skill extremely fast. Best Sp team you do not leave AD and he always ready to destroy AD there.

Overcoming Lycan’s weakness

Besides the above strengths, this hero also gives me a few weaknesses. You need to limit to reveal these weaknesses as well as overcome it. Only then will he realize his full potential. Some weaknesses are as follows:

This champion is very difficult for you to master. Mostly because players need to control many units at once. His wolves are those units.

Poor maneuverability and lack of flexibility in laning. This is a major weakness for a giant Pusher like him. The absence of Ulti is a weakness vulnerable to exploitation by the enemy.

About the late-game stage this general depends a lot on equipment items. You need to promptly build yourself the appropriate combination of equipment. Avoid fighting too much because leveling up still does not help Lycan have great power in the Late game.

Our leader wolf still needs a lot of support from his teammates. The starting point of the game is quite large but late in the game is not a great advantage for him. Compared to the other Carry, this hero has many pretty bad points. This weakness can be overcome by coordinating with teammates to compensate for the weakness in his teamfight.

Tips for Newbie

If you are a new player, you should choose Jungler or Semi tank for him. These are easy paths and are not too difficult to build. New players can easily grasp the rules of Lycan. Note about the pros and cons of this hero. If promoting the advantages available on the hero power. As well as perfect, limit his revealed weaknesses. He will become a real beast, ready to take down any enemies in sight.