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Hero Focus: Pitlord Dota 2 the Cyka beast



Possesses skills that both deal massive damage and control. Pitlord Dota 2 is one of the best heroes for the Sp position. The ability to move neatly despite the large body. Comes with unique passive supports extremely good melee.

Pitlord Dota 2’s hegemony skill system


For the player who used to hold the chin in Pitlord ‘s hand, also known as the Underlord. They will see the ability to make a difference right from the start of the match. His system of moves gives him good melee skills. It shows the hero appearance as follows:

  • Firestorm: He invokes 6 rain of spells that deal circular damage to enemies in the area. There is no effect on this move.
  • Pit of Malice: Using this technique, our monster will haunt the land. Enemies who enter this area will be bounded. The damage caused by this move is not much.
  • Atrophy Aura: he will gain increased damage and reduce the damage received. Passive increased by 6 times if the enemy champion is defeated.
  • Dark Rift: He creates a portal to instantly teleport him and allied heroes. A suitable technique can be used in many cases.

Tips for using skills


Possesses massive amounts of base damage with hegemony skills. Pitlord has many different types of items that players can try. Besides, you need to take full advantage of his skills as follows:

  • Use Firestorm just before the teamfight begins. By all means, you have to get the enemy into the area of ​​effect of this skill. Only then can the advantage of combat be in your favor.
  • Pit of Malice can be used for different situations. Can be used to chin enemy legs. To flee or to chase.
  • However, the weakness of this technique is that enemies can still attack when hit. You should be careful if you are weaker than the enemy.
  • Atrophy Aura should be upgraded at level 3 to give melee advantage. When attacked by the long-sleeved Ad you can still survive.
  • Dark Rift should be used to promptly rescue allies. Especially when preparing to surprise big team fights.

Strength should be exerted

If you are a player not too long ago, you should know what it means to exploit skills. Especially on the strong quality of Pitlord. You need to note the following:

Extremely buffalo especially when enjoying the intrinsic of Atrophy Aura. Besides, his Strength score is also very good to increase. So the amount of blood this champion owns is very high.

Good control and deal standard area-wide damage. It is possible for him to open the teamfight as well as the lead in the pursuit. The play of this general is also diverse thanks to this advantage.

The play of this hero is extremely flexible. You are free to choose from many different loading paths. Best to Tanker and Semi Sp for him.

Do not rely too much on items, so do not worry about being cut when your farm is weak. You should focus on taking the enemy’s life. Level up to earn Stat points. A pretty interesting advantage of the quality of him.

Limitations in the play of Pitlord

This hero also needs the protection of the player. You should overcome the following weaknesses. In order for this general to use up all his skills:

Need the coordination of teammates to effectively implement the skills. So he is not a good solo solo champion. Lack of allies he is easily caught and hit and run to death.

Big body coupled with poor movement speed and attack speed. If confronted with the long-sleeved Ad and Slow. He was presumed dead because he had too few escape skills.

Damage caused by skills is only average. About the late game, this champion is easy to leave behind. Slow down just now causes less damage. He is best suited to the tank to withstand allies.

The amount of mana he has is quite low. So don’t expect too much of a combo. You will have to wait quite a long time before starting a new teamfight.