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Hero Focus: The magic sword Sven Dota 2



The quality of generals in the Dota 2 arena strategy game is countless. Sven Dota 2 is a good name when it comes to playing diversity. This is a melee hero with skilled combat skills.

Sven Dota 2’s massive damage system


His physique is expelled through his skills. For close-ranged heroes, he is a fearsome foe. He just has a high attack speed, much of health, and good control. In addition, the large amount of damage that he has is also a spear piercing the enemy squad. His skill system includes:

Storm Hammer: ranged skill and use on enemy champions. This skill will help you stun enemies and nearby units for 2 seconds. Also deals large area damage to all units in range

Great Cleave: a skill that enhances Sven ‘s ability to fight crowds. Especially when taking solo scenes with many enemy champions. This ability helps spread his damage to surrounding areas and reduce it to affected units.

Warcry: activate the skill to gain additional armor and movement speed. Allied heroes will also receive the same effect. An appropriate way to open a teamfight.

God’s Strength: Increases physical damage immediately for him. In the next 25 seconds his basic attack will be increased damage and so will his skill.

Tips for using Sven ‘s skills


For Sven ‘s gameplay, there are many shapes so you can apply richness to his map. You can also apply the following tips:

Opening fights with Storm Hammer will increase the win rate. This technique is due to the wide-area effect. This is an appropriate technique for difficult team fights. Being stunned for 2 seconds will make the enemy champion clean up easily.

Activate Warcry after entering the teamfight. You should not turn on this skill when not in combat. Because of the cooldown time and effectiveness of this skill is not long. It is a waste to turn on this skill if not in the teamfight.

The Great Cleave should be used to create a farming advantage. This technique will enable him to give him the necessary items. Because this is a general fight pure damage. Lacking equipment will make him a legacy in the team.


This champion owns for himself the combat advantages that every melee champion needs. Some noteworthy points are:

Buffalo health, large armor damage is the greatest advantage of Sven. Few champions dare to solo with him, especially in the Mid game stage.

The advantage of having Ulti on is combined with the Great Cleave. The ability to weigh multiple champions at once helps him become quite popular in the late game.

Both possess the control and can pursue well. He rarely gets caught flying by kites. He can approach quickly to knock you out if you feel you’re in danger.


Pros have to be flawed, if too strong, Sven does not exist in Dota 2. This is how the game home balance. His weaknesses include:

Much depends on Ulti to be able to fight. Because almost his strength comes from this technique. If you don’t have ult, you should not fight. The advantage won’t be on your side so be careful.

Depends quite heavily on whether or not to farm. If there are not enough items, his power will not be maximized.

When it comes to late game, this general is easy to fly. Although close and close combat very well. But he will be reworked if he encounters Ad with Stun or Slow.

Sven is a hero with a variety of items. You can apply different formulas to his 6 slot items. However, each skill up way has different map combinations. Therefore, the coordination between items and skills will bring unexpected effects.