July 27, 2021


Game CMD 368

Hero Focus: Undying Dota 2 the Zombie with divine power



Compared to the henchmen of death, Undying Dota 2 possesses a reckless attitude when playing. No matter how much damage he takes, this hero feels like he can’t die. He continues to walk and creates real bumps for his opponent.

Analyze skill information of Undying Dota 2


Known as a long-lived monster, his skill set grants him immortality. When you have gained yourself the necessary objects. The party begins and he constantly harasses the player with the following skills:

  • Decay: steals the power of enemies. Undying will instantly rekindle a land and apply Strength to enemies affected by that area. The range of this attack is very high than 600 units. Enemies whose power is stolen will also receive a fixed amount of damage.
  • Soul Rip: He heals an amount of health equal to the number of units in the area of ​​effect. At the same time, these units will also receive a certain amount of damage.

The range of this technique is far more than 700 units. This is a proper harassment technique before team fights.

  • Tombstone: a monster from the stakes that his summons will attack enemies within its influence. The attacks from these monsters will cause a Slow effect.

Also if the enemy is severely reduced health and dying. Monsters will become aggressive and frantic attacks.

  • Flesh Golem: He turns Golems into zombies then attacks enemies with massive damage. Each death unit within his range will give him a certain amount of health recovery.

Diverse advantages of Undying


As for the battle position, this champion can flexibly choose and accept any enemy champion at the beginning of the game. Undying brings to you the interesting advantages after fighting:

  • The ability to heal dizzy when traveling long distances and solo. For small team fights, it will be very annoying if you keep sticking with him.

He has good healing speed and increases rapidly with level. The more units there are, the higher this speed is. You should be careful because he is a nasty opponent for Mid.

  • Unexpected shock damage and continuous damage. Despite the large damage, his main damage is broken down. He caused discomfort by fighting long term harassment thanks to the minions.

He can quickly set up the area for battle. Especially with his henchmen and cursed moves.

  • Good lane control, wherever the Undying lives he becomes a native. Enemies who come into his range are 50% dead. Fighting early on with him was not that difficult.

However, the Mid game is a nightmare when you continuously take damage. A number of champions who fight their designated skills must bow to him. It is very difficult to have sight when fighting him.

Disadvantages of the power

That’s strong, but he also has some weaknesses that any player can recognize. Here are a few points that you can refer to:

  • The flexibility is too poor because of the lack of chasing and running. For the chase after the teamfight, this champion is based on his minions. His running speed is quite low, which makes it easier to be hooked by ADC.

You should give yourself equipment that helps improve his maneuverability. Or you can avoid getting face down by going to the tank.

  • Too reliant on items to become strong and buffalo. Because his stat score is in the form of dirt, it should not be too confident in the Early game.

You need to spend time on Farm and make money. Since then, the mag has the necessary equipment before participating in team fights.

  • Magic spells are plenty, so if you are playing on an empty terrain Undying skills will become meaningless. You should choose the area with many units of troops to promote power. Taking advantage of the bushes to cause blur thanks to his ultimate. You should also focus on hand damage instead of just casting spells.