April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Hero Profile: Torbjörn – possesses Turret that can block all Chokepoints



Torbjörn ‘s extensive arsenal includes rivet guns and hammers, as well as a personal forge he can use to build turrets. He is the tool of the head with the most capabilities useful for partitioning. His Rivet Gun is a very lethal weapon due to its high lethality, but its main weakness is a medium to the long-range weapon. The turret is his primary tool for partitioning, as he can deploy it anywhere and let it build automatically to help him fight. The Forge Hammer can be used to deal damage at close range or repair his broken turret.

Overview of Torbjörn


Name: Torbjörn Lindholm

  • Age: 57
  • Nation: Sweden
  • Job: Weapon designer Chief Engineer (formerly)
  • Base: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Relationship: Ingrid Lindholm (wife) Brigitte Lindholm (youngest daughter)
  • Role: Hero Damage
  • Health: 200
  • Armor:50

Overload is all of his strength, giving maximum health with armor and enhanced attack power. Molten Core is a great area denial that can bring enemies back before being burned on high-damage magma floors. Given all of this, he still has major weaknesses.

Other than Overload, he lacks all of the resources for increased portability. When the Turret cannot be deployed to help him fight, his overall strength is greatly reduced. Despite having the shortest pattern of all the heroes, he possesses one of the biggest hitboxes in the class, leaving him vulnerable from a large pervasive weapon. He’s best at partitioning, but weaker when it comes to flanks and aggressive.

Skills of Torbjörn


The Rivet Gun (Main Weapon)

  • Type: Bullet shot
  • Damage: 70 per shot
  • Ammo speed: 70 meters per second
  • Ammo: 18
  • Reload time: 2 seconds
  • Headshot: ✓

The Rivet Gun (Secondary Weapon)

  • Type: Bullet shot
  • Damage: 3.75 – 12.5 per shot – 37.5 – 125 per shot
  • Redundant range: 10 to 20 meters
  • Ammo speed: 80 meters per second
  • Ammo: 18
  • Ammo use: 3 per shot
  • Reload time: 2 seconds
  • Headshot: ✓

Forge Hammer (Secondary Weapon)

  • Type: Melee
  • Damage: 55
  • Heal: 50 per hit (turret repair)
  • Attack Speed: 1.2 hits per second

Auxiliary weapon of Torbjörn. A hammer is a useful tool as it heals the turret for 50 health with each hammer hit. The Forge Hammer can only heal his turret. The attack speed is relatively low, so it should not be used as a weapon.

Deploy Turret – Torbjörn

  • HP: 250
  • Damage: 56 per second
  • Range: 15 meters (deploying turret) – 40 meters (attack range)
  • Rate of fire: 4 rounds per second
  • Application time: 3 seconds
  • Duration: Until destroyed
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds – 10 seconds if destroyed while fighting

Torbjörn builds an automatic turret that shoots at enemies. Turret takes some time to fully deploy, it can be destroyed during deployment. The turret can only be repaired with the Forge Hammer.

Overload – Torbjörn

  • Effect: +100 armor
  • Movement speed: 7.15 meters per second (+ 30%)
  • Rate of fire: + 30%
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Torbjörn gets armor as well as attack, reload bullets, and movement speed. Use to save yourself by temporarily increasing armor Although reloading bullets, it is best to reload before activation to use guns better than attack speed. Overload also speeds up movement a bit, which in turn can save you from certain scenarios.

Molten Core (Ultimate)

  • Type: Arching Projectile – AOE
  • Damage: 160 per second – 190 per second against armored enemies
  • Ammo: 10
  • Duration: 6 seconds of magma spread – 10 seconds of existence
  • Number of charges: 2125 points

His ultimate is Torbjörn throws balls of molten lava that spread as they hit the floor. He can house up to 10 molten lava pools, filling the choke point. Molten Core deals additional damage to tanks with iron armor.

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