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Heroes of the Storm: Anduin Build Guide


Anduin is a long-range Healer, excellent at protecting himself and his teammates at the same time by using shields and healing. Unlike some of the other Healers, he has quite a bit of potential for playing using various utility effects and crowd control. For example, he can save allies in need by using the skill Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith, making them immune to crowd control effects and pulling them towards him. Mastering his arsenal of defense and attack tools gives your team a powerful backline Healer that can greatly contribute to team fights.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Anduin



  • Strong burst healing
  • Can protect himself quite well
  • Both Heroic Abilities are viable choices
  • Powerful late game
  • Leap of Faith counters crowd control


  • Low area of effect healing

Talent Build of Anduin

Divine Star Build

His divine star build is designed to improve your healing when basic attacks on enemy front lines are dangerous.

The combination of Bold Strategy Icons Bold Strategy Level 1, Ethical Compass level 4, Moral Speed ​​Level 13 increase your enduring healing with skills basic function.

Basic Attacks Build

His Basic Attacks Build is designed to improve your resilience as you can safely attack base attacks on enemy front lines.

A combination of Bold Strategy at Level 1, Inner Flame of Level 4, and Thrust Forward! at Level 13 increases your sustained recovery with Basic Attacks.

Anduin’s Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

In particular, Anduin has no synergy, as he powers a large number of Heroes due to his neutral equipment. However, his constant healing can make Tanks very difficult to kill. For Assassins without any natural form of escape, such as Jaina or Raynor, his Jump of Faith can be a boon of salvation to protect them from enemy attacks.

Countered by:

He struggles against two main effects that affect his gear: First, Ana’s anti-healing abilities like the Biotic Grenade, which greatly reduces his combat performance. Second, mobile assassins like Tracer or Illidan cannot let Anduin escape unless supported by his teammates. A point more specific to his Holy Word: Salvation Heroic Ability is long-range crowd control effects, such as Falstad’s Mighty Gust.

Maps of Anduin

He excels on a Map with Static Targets, such as the Temple on Dragon Shire or the Prison Camp on the Alterac Pass. What’s more, choke points can create great locations for Divine Star to gain value. In general, his comprehensive kits keep him from having holes in the real map.

Tips and Tricks

  • Leap of Faith can be used on allies that have been weakened by the enemy’s ability to control crowds or strike first to prevent them from taking damage.
  • Flash Heal’s channel animation deactivates the ability to cool down, allowing him to reposition himself and immediately begin using it again.
  • Safety navigation is key when playing Anduin, as he doesn’t have any form of escape mechanisms, such as javelins or teleportation.
  • Passive Spotlight can be used after using the Desperate Prayer Icon to reset the Flash Heal’s cooldown.
  • Lightbomb’s Stun can be used after (or before) using Chastise Icon Chastise’s Root to activate a powerful crowd control combo.