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Heroes of the Storm: Auriel Talent Build Guide


Auriel is a Healer who turns part of the damage inflicted by an allied Hero and herself into the area of healing effect.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Auriel



  • Good peeling
  • Decent waveclear
  • High resilience in team matches
  • Powerful crowd control near impassable terrain


  • Weak to poke damage
  • No mobility
  • Low recovery when out of combat

Talent Build of Auriel

Ray of Heaven Build

Searing Light (lv1) – Swift Sweep, Repeated Offense (lv4), Energized Cord ( lv7) – Glimmer of Hope (lv7), Crystal Aegis (lv10), Blinding Flash (lv13) – Piercing Lash, Reservoir of Hope ( lv16), Shield of Hope (lv20).

Her Ray of Heaven Build is designed to gain as much value as possible from the Hero by increasing her chances of activating Stun from Detainment Strike and making her less dependent on Bestow Hope to gain the Hope she needs to use. use Ray of Heaven more effectively.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

To get the highest value from Bestow Hope, you should choose Auriel along with a Hero that can continuously deal damage from afar (such as Valla).

Detainment Strike benefits from insurmountable terrain, making her better when combined with Heroes that can propel enemy Heroes there (like Diablo with Shadow Charge) or create it out of nowhere ( Nazeebo with Zombie Wall, for example).

Since she can fight for long periods of time without having Mana issues, she prefers to be on teams with Heroes who can take care of multiple sugars at once by taking a double-dip (like Yrel) while the rest Her team’s put a lot of pressure on a single lane.

Countered by:

Ray of Heaven’s 4-second cooldown prevents saving Allied Heroes from exploding damage. A well-timed crowd control (such as the Mourning Arrow) 3 seconds after she used the Ray of Heaven’s previous Ray of Light Icon can further extend this time frame.

Heroes with access to Knockback effects (like Junkrat with Concussion Mine) can use them to split her team so she can’t use Ray of Heaven on multiple Heroes at the same time.

Her Hero Abilities allows the opposing team to easily track their Skills (eg Malfurion’s Entangling Roots).

Due to relying on dealing damage to take Heal Mana, Auriel doesn’t do that well against tarnish damage (such as Hanzo), especially when the opponent is in the lead.

Maps of Auriel


The fact that she doesn’t use Mana is great in the early game, so she’s a great pick on Maps where a good start can make the difference between winning and losing (especially) Braxis Holdout).

If your team has a single laner that can double soak (such as Xul), you can basically play her on a 3-lane Map as you would on a 2-lane Map, so just need to Focusing on a side lane and putting pressure on the opposing team. as much as possible.

Auriel also likes the Map where she can tap into impassable terrain to Stun enemy heroes with Detainment Strike.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful when using Sacred Sweep as it will lock you in place for 0.625 seconds.
  • Try to get the most out of your Energy by using Ray of Heaven on at least two Allied Heroes.
  • The well-timed Detainment Strike is a powerful molting tool even when it does not trigger Stun but only knocks the enemy Heroes.
  • Quickly switch Bestow Hope to another Hero when the current hero cannot deal damage for any reason.
  • Don’t use Crystal Aegis at the very end, but use it to prevent massive amounts of damage.
  • Only recover if the zone is safe, otherwise you will end up providing Free Experience to the opposing team and waste your Hero Abilities, if you were not interrupted in the first place.