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Heroes of the Storm: Blaze Talent Build Guide


Blaze is a heavy tank known for its powerful counterattacks. Despite a lack of damage to a target, he is perfectly fine with usable effect area and high survivability, thanks to his massive Health and reliably self-sustaining ability. However, many of the same skills as he could make him ineffective against the Mobile Heroes.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Blaze



  • Outstanding ability to circumvent rival plans through rich crowd control and Bunker Drop
  • Difficult to kill due to a large amount of Health and the ability to access Armor on demand
  • The area that deals bonus effect and wave damage to Tanks


  • Depends on many skills that can be avoided
  • Quite immobilized, so easy to cut
  • The amount of explosive damage and damage per target is limited

Talent Build of Blaze

Oil Spill Build

His Oil Spill Build mainly enhances your participation while increasing your survivability, utility, and damage. Hence, we recommend this Build when playing Blaze as a Tank.

In particular, Oil Dispersal at Level 4 makes it easy to use Oil Spill as a setting for Thrust Jet. A new level 1 habit keeps you up against enemy crowd control, but you can replace it with a Neural Stimpack when it’s not needed.

Basic Attacks Build

His build basic attacks primarily power up your vehicle while increasing your survivability, utility, and damage. Therefore, we recommend using this Build approach when playing him as Solo Laner.

In particular, the Incinerator Gauntlets at Level 4 makes it easy to clear your minions and mercenaries while on the road and Adrenaline Stimpack at level 1 will increase the mercenary strength while increasing your damage against enemy heroes.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

His Comprehensive Abilities Set allows him to operate in most squads and with most other Heroes, as long as he is also selected for his anti-melee role. The Oil Spill Slow Effect is especially helpful for improving Assassin’s duration, while most Heroes with shooting skills will find Jet Propulsion a great way to set up precise attacks.

Countered by:

Since Blaze relies on skill shots to deal damage, and when he starts his Jet starts up quite slowly, he tends to fight strongly with highly mobile Heroes. Furthermore, his large health and limited mobility make him particularly vulnerable as a percentage of damage.

Maps of Blaze


Featuring a comprehensive Skillset with lots of waves, Blaze works well on most Maps. However, his area of damage over time makes him exceptionally strong against Maps with Static Map Objects that must be protected, as they tend to corner opponents in tight spaces. narrow ease of control. Make sure other players can deal with the Mercenaries.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Flame Stream actually fires two parallel projectiles; hit with both to double the damage of Magic.
  • An oil spill that has caught fire will trigger any other spills that coincide with it.
  • The jet thrust does not collide with the Minion, allowing you to dash through to hit enemy Heroes or flee without being blocked.
  • You don’t have to be inside the Bunker Drop; Press the R key to leave it.
  • Burning prevents you from using other Skills while it is being transformed.
  • Pyromania cooldown is reduced for each Champion hit by Flames; Double hits are also counted.