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Heroes of the Storm: Brightwing Talent Build Guide


Brightwing is a long-range Healer with a strong global presence. She has the ability to continuously heal nearby allies without using Mana and protect them from enemy crowd control effects, thanks to her gentle Mist Characteristics. The ability to teleport to an allied Hero across the map makes him a very mobile Hero that excels on large battlefields, like Cursed Hollow.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Brightwing



  • Great split-pushing potential
  • Soothing Mist does not require Mana
  • Strong relaxation thanks to Emerald Wind
  • Reliable crowd control with Polymorph
  • Built-in cleaning breaks Stun, Slow, Root, and Silent modes every 100 seconds
  • Allows building a variety of talent depending on the game situation


  • Cannot use a mount
  • Requires good positioning
  • Requires more awareness of the map
  • Her booming or prolonged healing takes time or channeling

The skill limit is quite high compared to other Support Heroes

Talent Build

Teleport Build

The Teleport version focuses on providing excellent global mobility, especially useful on larger maps like Cursed Hollow, Garden of Terror, or Infernal Shrines. It also significantly increases his explosive resilience with the combination of Hyper Shift and Safety Dust. Safe Dust can and should be used to increase healing from Phase Shift and Blink Heal. However, in some games, you can choose Pixie Power to minimize pre-calculation damage.

This build has a number of Situational Talent that should be considered. At Level 4, Magic Spit is the standard choice for you, but Dream Shot can also be a good choice in maps where you need to block a target, like Towers of Doom or Alterac Pass. Critical Mist should only be selected if the enemy team has massive explosive damage after crowd control. At level 16, we refer to Critterize as the Main Talent, as it will greatly enhance his ability to take down targets already moved.

However, Hush! This is a great option if your team is more focused on doing sustained damage, rather than blowing the target away. Phase Out is not necessary, but an option if you are a regular target. At Level 20, Invisible Friends will always be good, but for dealing with a lot of AoE damage, we recommend using Guardians instead.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Brightwing teamed up with other Global Heroes, such as Dehaka or Falstad to dominate the map or create unexpected teamfights. Furthermore, she is a great choice alongside Medivh, as he will cover up all her weaknesses. His portal can be used to reposition him with Emerald Wind, while the Force of Will can protect her allies from high explosive damage, and the Ley Line Seal is a great set-up for a Good Emerald wind.

Countered by:

The Brightwing were counterattacked by the crowd-controlled Heavy Tanks that could not cancel their fights with Polymorph, such as Anub’arak, Johanna, or ETC.. Furthermore, assassins with burst AoE damage Explosions like Fenix could be a problem for her. Much of her support comes from the tiny moments that are restored over time and asking her to make friends with her allies.

Maps of Brightwing


Brightwing is especially good on larger Maps like Towers of Doom or Warhead Junction, on which she can use her global mobility for great efficiency. On spin-heavy maps like the Tomb of the Spider Queen, his inability to use a mount can often slow her down, leaving her responsible for fighting boost modes.