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Heroes of the Storm: Chromie Talent Build Guide


Chromie is a long-range Assassin with outstanding burst damage and poke abilities. Her powerful explosive abilities allow her to deal heavy damage to a target, while both of her Hero Skills give her good crowd control during teamfights. When playing her, it is paramount to anticipate the target’s movement, as both Sand Blast and Dragon’s Breath have a short lag. Ultimately, she is a Hero that requires good match senses and quick reflexes to shine, however, if played well, she’s one of the game’s deadliest long-range Assassins.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Chromie



  • Outstanding poke
  • Extremely long range
  • High burst damage output
  • Both the Sand slow icon and the Temporary Loop icon are the possible hero abilities.


  • Susceptible to crowd control
  • Low health pool
  • High learning curve
  • Below average mobility
  • Requires good positioning

Talent Build of Chromie

Dragon’s Breath Build

Dragon Breath builds focus on enhancing her Dragon Breath abilities. Deep Breathing, she can significantly increase the damage done. The build is mainly based on hitting enemy champions in the Dragon Breath center, so having CC on your team and waiting for them to use their skills will greatly improve your damage. Thanks to the slow from Mobius Loop, hitting an enemy champion in the first wave increases the chance of getting all three hits.

Standard Build

Sand Blast Build is a comprehensive way to build Chromie. It combines powerful single-target damage with talents like Once Again the First Time at level 1 and Shifting Sands at level 14 and adds a bit of maneuver required with Gnome Speed Ahead! at Level 11. At Level 18, Pichuan Sands marks a significant late-game power boost for her, allowing her to knock down enemies from their backlines past their front lines.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

One of her favorite Assistants must be Malfurion. His Passive Character Trait Passive gives her precious Mana regeneration and cooldown reduction, while his Regeneration Icon allows her to stay in battle for a long period of time. Another Healer who works wonders with her is Ana, who has a Nano Boost that powers Chromie for a short period of time.

Countered by:

She fights against two types of Heroes: heroes too powerful for her to take down quickly, and heroes too fast for her to gain Basic Skills with certainty. As such, Heroes like Illidan or Tracer can become quite dangerous for her.

Maps of Chromie

Chromie works well on most maps. Her current best map is the Volskaya Foundry and the Braxis Holdout. This is due to the nature of the map allowing her to enter the target area. She really doesn’t have any weak maps as her prank is a threat on any map that has a target area that both teams need to be on.

Tips and Tricks

  • Time Trap can sometimes be activated manually to avoid damaging Allied Heroes.
  • Slow the Sands most effectively at tight choke points, especially near the Map Target.
  • Don’t be afraid to miss out on Sand Blast. Better to use this skill too often rather than waiting too long.