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Heroes of the Storm: D. Va Talent Build Guide

D. Va

D. Va is a Bruiser that combines a unique utility with reliable damage reduction coupled with a solid amount of damage done and high survivability when played at her maximum potential.

Strengths and Weaknesses of D. Va

D. Va


  • Good survivability
  • Decent mobility
  • Reliable damage mitigation
  • Good at capturing Mercenary Camps
  • Powerful zoning potential


  • Easily affected by effect crowd control area on the ground. Prevent Boosters
  • The location of the spawn is predictable for his Pilot when her Mech is destroyed by damage
  • Missing Mount forced her to use Boosters to rotate

Talent Build of D. Va

Boosters Build

Full Metal (lv1) – Liquid Cooling, Rush-down (lv4), Hit the Nitrous (lv7), Micro Missiles (lv10), Good To Go (lv13), Emergency Shielding (lv16) – In For The Kill, Timing Attack (lv20) – Ablative Armor.

Boosters Build of D. Va is her most versatile Build and therefore it can be picked up in most if not all situations. All of the Talents involved increasing his survivability and damage.

Defense Matrix Build

Full Metal (lv1) – Liquid Cooling, Rush-down (lv4), Hit the Nitrous (lv7), Micro Missiles (lv10), Target Locked (lv13), Diverting Power (lv16), Timing Attack (lv20) – Ablative Armor.

His Defense Matrix Build primarily focuses on debuffing enemy groups with Level 13 Locked Target combined with Level 16 Divert Power to increase its area.

Select this Build only if the enemy team has no interruptions to the Defense Matrix, otherwise you will waste two Talents.

Big Shot Build

Full Metal (lv1) – Liquid Cooling, Rush-down (lv4), Hit the Nitrous (lv7), Micro Missiles (lv10), Pew! Pew! Pew! (lv13), Emergency Shielding (lv16) – In For The Kill, Headshot! (lv20).

His Big Shot Build allows her to pierce enemy Heroes while in Pilot Mode thanks to Pew! Pew! Pew! At Level 13, a Talent also helps her quickly reset Call Mech’s cooldown, and usually Headshot! at Level 20 further improves the damage inflicted by Big Shot.

Choose this Build when the opposing team can’t easily engage you while in Pilot Mode, otherwise you won’t get value from Pew! Pew! Pew!

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

D.Va is very good when paired with playable Heroes around her powerful Self-Destruction by stopping enemy Heroes from within its range (ex: Deckard Cain with Stay Aworthy and Listen and Listen and/or Scroll Of Sealing) or by moving blast Mech (such as Garrosh with Into the Fray at Level 7).

Boosters are useful for pairing with unique Heroes that require an Allied Hero to move quickly (e.g. Anduin with Lightbomb) or need an opponent’s Hero to be pushed away (such as Maiev using Umbral Bind).

Countered by:

Like many other Heroes in the game, D. Va faces the crowd control combined with burst damage as they can greatly reduce the value she can get from Mech Mode. by causing her to fall before she can use Self-Destruction to restore her Mech’s Health.

Since she was born in a predictable position before her Mech died, it was also easy to throw the Skill into that area to hit her (such as Malfurion’s Entangling Roots). Likewise, a well-timed break, while she was streaming the Call Mech channel, was a powerful tool to take her down.

During solo lanes, D. Va has difficulty fighting Heroes who can easily outrun her in a duel on the Map where there are Capture Points to contend with (such as Braxis Holdout) or have can rotate faster than her while taking a double-dip on other Maps.