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Heroes of the Storm: Deckard Talent Build Guide


Deckard is melee support that specializes in healing a high target and powerful effects. Though wise, he wasn’t well prepared to fight on the Nexus, using only a wooden stick to protect himself. This limits his damage output.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Deckard



  • Healing output for a powerful and effective goal
  • Very powerful crowd control via Scroll Of Sealing
  • Versatile talent selection to adapt to a wide variety of situations


  • Ineffective compared to explosive damage
  • Relatively easy to be assassinated
  • Limit wave amount and overall damage amount
  • No access to Cleanse

Talent Build of Deckard

Standard Build

Sapphire (lv1), Potion of Shielding (lv4), Emerald (lv7), Stay Awhile and Listen (lv10), Ancient Blessings (lv13), Scroll of Stone Curse (lv16) – Horadric Staff, Respect the Elderly (lv20) – Bottomless Flask – Perfect Gem

This standard build provides outstanding crowd control and explosive resilience. Gem-Related Talent allows you to both set up strong and follows up with Powerful Talents while Healing Talent helps your teammates survive and happy.

Defensive Build

Sapphire (lv1), Ruby (lv4), Kanai’s Cube (lv7), Stay Awhile and Listen (lv10), Ancient Blessings (lv13), Scroll of Stone Curse (lv16) – Horadric staff, Respect the Elderly (lv20) – Bottomless Flask – Perfect Gems

This scenario builder provides outstanding hero resilience and defense. Great at fighting team works especially by Kanai’s Cube.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Scroll Of Sealing makes him excellent at keeping track of anything that can provide their own reliable source of crowd control. Always Waiting and Listening can also be used to set up Hero Abilities as powerful as Mosh Pit.

Countered by:

With little mobility and instant defense, Deckard can struggle with Heroes with difficult interactive tools and targeted crowd control, especially if Scroll Of Sealing is in Cooldown.

Maps of Deckard

He tends to work well on Maps with lots of choke points, thanks to a Scroll Of Sealing. His effective nature as a Healer is also particularly helpful in competing with Map Goals that can highlight protracted petty fights that seem never to escalate into Real team fighting, especially by Fortitude of the Faithful. Overall, however, his versatility makes him a viable option on most Maps, and team coordination should be the most important factor to consider when drafting Deckard.

Tips and Tricks

  • The potions created by the Healing Potion will last until consumed. The use of Medication over limit 5 will destroy the oldest Medication.
  • The Horadric Cube has a short flight time, but can still hit enemies running away from Deckard if the target is aimed.
  • Scroll Of Sealing naturally follows the successful Horadric Cube hits.
  • Stay A While and Listen should not be used in the midst of battle, as it is likely to be interrupted. Instead, try isolating important targets like Healers.
  • Lorenado’s vector targeting allows it to push enemies towards your teammates and, more importantly, towards the Scroll of the Sealing area of effect.

Role in the Current Meta

His crowd control gives him a niche position as a Healer, who thrives in aggressive team combinations capable of following the Horadric Cube + Scroll of the combo. Remarkable Sealing. However, the limited damage is weak and his waves must be fully compensated elsewhere.

His unique healing ability, the Healing Potion, has a high healing output over time and its unique ability to be used “on the ground” to allow allies to heal when idle. Being able to set up several Healing Pills ahead of time is crucial to his ability to deal explosive damage; therefore, he is generally weak when diving and is aggressive or sudden.