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Heroes of the Storm: Falstad Talent Build Guide


Falstad is a versatile and versatile long-range lethal. His strengths are solid single-target DPS, extremely high required long-range explosive damage, and ability to move across the map. His relative fragility, however, makes him a high-priority target.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Falstad



  • Good waveclear
  • Global thanks to Flight
  • Access to Mighty Gust


  • Extremely dependent on a good location
  • The normal amount of damage in the early game
  • Vulnerable to crowd control

Talent Build

Basic Attacks Build

Seasoned Marksman (lv1), Hammer Gains (lv4), BOOMerang (lv7), Mighty Gust (Lv10), Giant Killer (lv13), Afterburner (lv16), Wind Tunnel (lv20)

His basic attack build provides a fair amount of sustained damage to one target thanks to Massive Assassin at Level 13 while BOOMerang keeps your barricade high enough to double up for your team. You when needed and/or to collect stacks for the seasoned Marksman Icon at Level 1 by killing Minions.

Tailwind Build

Wingman (lv1) – Gathering Storm, Hammer Gains (lv4), BOOMerang, Mighty Gust (lv10), Flow Rider (lv13), Aerie Gusts (lv16), Wind Tunnel (lv20)

His Tailwind build provides both combat damage during combat and macroscopic value on the road thanks to Flow Rider at Level 13, halving Basic Skill’s cooldown when Falstad takes no damage for 6 seconds, down to 3 seconds thanks to the Aerie Gusts at Level 16, which essentially doubles the value you can get from BOOMerang at Level 7.

While it is highly recommended to choose the Wingman at Level 1 as you will spend most of your time soaking yourself, you can sometimes join Gathering Storm on two-lane Battlegrounds or better in ARAM because you have to take care of a single lane. . lets you hit enemy Heroes more often.

Lightning Rod Build

Wingman (lv1), Static Shield (lv4), Charged Up (lv7), Mighty Gust (lv10), Thunderstrikes (lv13), Afterburner (lv16), Wind Tunnel (lv20)

His Lightning Rod build provides a frightening amount of explosive damage to one target by powering up the Lightning Rod with multiple Talents at the cost of some waveclear due to lack of BOOMerang at Level 7.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

He is in her best form when something stops him and the enemy. Special Large, Strong Tanks are expected as they draw attention away from Falstad and often offer their own form of crowd control to have potential followers. If not, anything that can protect him is also desirable. The special shielding effect is affected by his limited health.

Countered by:

As a weak long-range Assassin, he tends to fight naturally against other high-damage assassins who are able to effectively distance themselves in the close range beyond the Barrel Roll’s range or sneak. on him.

With a little self-transformation, try to be as close to your Healer as possible against such Heroes and don’t make bold attempts to defeat your opponents. Also consider running a Lightning Rod-centric build, as such builds tend to perform better than the majority of his counters.

Maps of Falstad


Flight makes Falstad particularly effective on larger Maps that have multiple Targets that must be disputed, as it allows him to soak and push effectively without giving up a potential teammate combat presence as well as other Heroes.

His Mighty Gust also makes him powerful on Boss Maps, as he makes it especially difficult for opponents to try to contend or scramble safely out of fear of being pushed away. With Wingman, he is also fearsome on any Map with the Siege Giant present. On the other hand, his versatility makes him a viable option almost anywhere.